Things I love Thursday 29/12/2016

It’s the last Things I love Thursday for the year.  So let’s make it a really good one.


This week I love:

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Missed this girl like crazy. #benallaishot

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  • This dude.  Honestly, so many things have changed in the past year, and so many of them flow back to David.  I’ve made a tonne of new friends through him, he’s encouraged me to start going to gigs and exploring new music and he’s given me some incredible experiences.  Most of all though, I feel utterly blessed to have his love.  He is the kindest, most hilarious, sweetest person on the planet, and I feel like we are totally on the same page. I never have to pretend to be cooler or smarter or better, because I know that he loves me just as I am.  He’s fantastic.
  • Crop tops and shorts.   The perfect around-the-house summer ensemble
  • Three weeks of work
  • Spending Boxing Day decluttering.  I usually go shopping on Boxing Day, but this year I’m trying to live a more minimalist, mindful life.  So instead, I spent the day cleaning out my fridge and DVD collection.  It was brutal, but I made so much space and got rid of things that were weighing me down


  • This incredible Harry Potter soup cauldron that I got from my brother for Christmas. I have been looking at soup mugs in the op shop for a long while, but I never found one that I really loved.  I eat a lot of soup in the cooler months, so this baby is going to get a lot of use.
  • True Blood.  I’m revisiting the series and finding it even better than I remember.
  • Playing with my little cousins on Christmas day.  Eve and Olivia are just the sunniest, sweetest kids and I had an absolute blast looking at their new toys from Santa, chasing them through the sprinkler and making pictures with them.
  • Additionally, the mermaid tail sleeping bags my cousins got for Christmas from Santa.  Mr Kringle, if you’re reading this, I’d love one in a grown-up size for next year’s gift.
  • Floor sleeping.  It’s been crazy hot lately, and I’ve been sleeping camped out on my loungeroom floor in front of the air conditioner.  It’s actually surprisingly comfortable on the floor and I’m tempted to start doing it more often even when it’s not face-meltingly humid.

– My Zootopia Fennick stuffie that David bought for me.  The only way he could be better is if he made an adorable “Toot toot!” sound like in the movie.


  • Finding Dory.  Darn that movie was hilarious.  I had very low expectations, but I should not have been so doubtful.

What are you loving this week?

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