What I wore: A day off work

Normally I couldn’t care less about the AFL Grand Final.  I’m not a footy person at all and I just don’t get why it’s so exciting.  But this year I was chuffed about it because it meant a day off work.  Yep, for the past two years the Friday before Grand Final Day has been a public holiday in Victoria.  For……some reason.  But I’m not complaining!  It meant that the office was closed and I had an extra day to chill away from my desk.


I spent my day off shopping for groceries, reading, colouring, doing a bit of decluttering (I’m embracing minimalism) and playing with the kitties.

In keeping with my recent post about American Horror Story: Coven, I was feeling inspired to dress in the style of the students at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  I wanted something a little grungy, a little goth and very comfortable.


I am wearing:

  • Black felt hat from Coo Ca Choo
  • Grey cardi (gifted)
  • Red and black lace slip dress (gifted)
  • Deathly Hallows Leggings from Jay Jays
  • Dr Martens boots
  • Art Deco earrings from Louvisa
  • Indian ring (gifted)
  • Beetle ring from Mansfield Emporium

It has been so wet here in Benalla.  We’ve had the wettest winter in decades.  And it was absolutely pelting on my day off, so my thoughts of skipping about in sandals were dashed the second I looked out the window.  Much as I adore them, I’m a bit tired of boots and very much look forward to breaking out some lighter footwear.

I had shaved my head again for Kink Fest last weekend and I was eager to show it off.  Braids are a great way to frame and highlight my shaved side, so I swept my hair back into a couple of french braids.  This had the extra bonus of keeping my hair from snarling in the vicious wind when I walked to the grocery store.


All in all it was a very chilled out day.  I have been feeling pretty burned out from work lately and I just relished the chance to stay home and re-energise myself.  I’ve found myself thinking wistfully of my school days, when ten weeks of term were bookended by two weeks holiday, three times a year with a glorious six week break over the summer.  Why don’t we do that with full-time work once we’re grown up.  I mean, how much stress are primary school kids under that they need a two-week break every few months.  I believe we should all get a generous break on a regular basis, rather than having to get excited about the odd public holiday.  Whaddaya reckon?


  1. Such a cool outfit! I’m wild for braided/plaited pigtails teamed with a classic wide brimmed black hat like that. I seriously want to add one like it to my closet now to take your styling lead here. 🙂

    How are you doing so far this month, my dear friend? It was a joy to receive your recent blog comment this week. Thank you very much for it. I hope that you’re well and enjoying a sunny, splendid October so far.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank You very much for sharing these great photos, Vanessa! The style is wonderful and the boots lovely! Yours slave jonas

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