Five Fandom Friday: 5 facts about me (if I lived in the Harry Potter universe)

July has been dubbed Harry Potter month by Heather over at Flying on Ruby Wings.  To celebrate, she’s put together a list of special Potter-themed prompts for Five Fandom Friday.  As I’ve been crazy busy, I’ve missed out on all but the final one.  But I’m determined to jump in and give this one my all.  So I’m delving deep into my imagination and dreaming up what my life would be like if I lived in the Harry Potter universe……(insert harp music here)


1.My patronus is a hummingbird

When I imagine which animal would be my patronus, the hummingbird comes to mind.  Like me, it’s small and fast, they’re often brightly coloured and they’re very partial to sugar.  I’m quite petite and my mind moves a mile a minute, flitting from one thought to the next.

2. I run a vintage clothing shop in Hogsmeade

I think my dream job in the wizarding world would be dressing the witches and wizards who came to visit Hogsmeade.  I can see myself living in a village like Hogsmeade, with loads of quaint stores, delicious eateries and just a train-ride away from London.  My store would be crammed with gorgeously embroidered gowns, frock coats, whimsical jewellery and brightly coloured shoes.  Rather than helping the wizards to blend in with the muggles, I’d encourage them to stand out, to wear something outlandish and richly coloured with a stunning backstory.

3. My best subject at Hogwarts was History of Magic

I know, I know, none of the students enjoy History of Magic.  After all, it’s dull and dusty, and the professor is a ghost!  But I thrive on history, and learning about the past fascinates me.  I believe I would have had a ball learning about the witches and wizards of yore, and in my final year I might have turned in an epic thesis providing an in-depth study on the four founders of Hogwarts, much to the delight of Professor Binns.

4. I’m a Metamorphmagus

Like Nymphadora Tonks, I’m a rare breed of witch who can change her appearance at will.  I mostly use this talent to alter my hair colour and style frequently, but I occasionally put it to good effect for costume parties.  I enjoy meddling with my looks and adopting a variety of disguises for my own amusement. Mostly though, I’m pretty happy in my own skin.

5. I’m great pals with Hermione Granger

If I’d met her at school, I’m sure that I would have found Hermione insufferable.  Probably because her hard-headedness and know-it-all attitude would have been too similar to my own, breeding competition rather than friendship.  But as we met as adults, we’ve grown to be great mates.  We ran into one another at a screening of a documentary about the emancipation of house-elves, and bonded over our similar political leanings and taste in books.  Although we’re both rather busy, we try to catch up on the regular.  Some of our happiest weekends are those where Hermione leaves the kids with Ron and trains it to Hogsmead.  We stay up for hours talking about feminism, history and wizard-age sex toys.

What do you imagine your life would be like if you lived in the Potterverse?  If you’d care to share a tidbit in the comments, that would be awesome.

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