5 Fandom Friday: My favourite geeky stores

I am a full week behind with this post, so I hope you’ll forgive my lateness.  I just didn’t want to miss this prompt because it was such an awesome one.  I love shopping for nerdy clothing and homewares and I often have people ask me where I purchased certain items from.  I feel as though this post is a chance to give a huge shout-out to some of the greatest geeky stores on the web.


geek nest

Geek Nest

Geek nest makes the most awesome range of scented soy candles.  Each scent is inspired by geeky characters and places.  I bought myself a bundle of three Harry Potter candles and a TARDIS Blue candle from Geek Nest last year and I was hooked.  The scents are lovely but not too strong.  The candles burn really cleanly and are long-lasting.  Each one comes in a neat tin and they make ideal gifts.  The Expecto Patronum candle is my all-time favourite.  I light it when I’m settling down with a book, as the spicy smell adds a relaxing and cosy vibe to my lounge.  The floral loveliness of TARDIS Blue scented my bedroom until it burned out.



I adore my geeky tees, and Threadless has the best range I’ve seen.  Not only are their designs super clever, but they are reasonably priced and great quality.  I have so many tees from Threadless, including this Alice in Zombieland one.  Threadless support independent artists which is something that I think is vital.  If you’re looking for awesome nerdy tee shirts, Threadless is a great place to start.



Perks of Aurora

If, like me, you like something nerdy to drink your morning coffee from, then you’re going to dig Perks of Aurora.  This shop has a huge selection of hilarious fandom coffee mugs inspired by sources such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, Clueless, Mean Girls, Parks and Recreation, The Office, SNL, Legally Blonde and Friends.  There are so many obscure jokes on mugs to choose from!  I got my Lil’ Sebastian and Dunder Mifflin mugs from Perks of Aurora and they are brilliant.



Nerdburger Jewellery

Nerdburger Jewellery is run by my friend Caz, and is full of hand-made quirky goods.  If you’re looking for hairbows made out of Tazos or tiny clay donut earrings, Nerdburger is the place to look.  Caz is so creative and her work has a truly zany, whacky quality.  She’s a comic book queen and a 90’s fiend and that defnitely comes across in her designs.




Rainbow Alternative

I first discovered Rainbow Alternative when I was searching for Empire Records tee shirts on Etsy.  I was instantly drawn to their street-art inspired, spray-painted designs and awesome pop culture references.  To date, I now own four of their Empire Records tees.  All of these shirts have been worn and washed over and over and are still in fabulous condition.  In addition to awesome tees, they have baby onesies, button badges, record art and loads more things.  Rainbow Alternative has a large range of feminist and queer-pride products too.


Where do you shop for your geeky wares?  My birthday is coming up, so I’m on the hunt for new stores to check out for gift ideas.


  1. How exciting that your birthday is coming up soon. I hope that big day, and whole month itself, are fun filled and fabulous for you, sweet Vanessa.

    Thank you for this delightful roundup. I’ve eyed some of Threadless’ offerings for years now, but you know, haven’t ever ordered. When the Canadian dollar eventually recovers a bit, I really should at long last.

    Tons of hugs & happy April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh yes, I definitely recommend placing an order with Threadless. Their tees are such nice quality, and even though I wear mine over and over, I still haven’t worn a single one out. I’ve also given loads to my Dad as gifts, because he enjoys novelty tees as much as I do. He’s super hard on his shirts and still all of the ones I’ve given him are looking fresh and bright.

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