Things I Love Thursday 31/3/2016

I can scarcely believe that the month is over.  My fingers have only just grown accustomed to typing “March” as part of the date, and it’s practically over.  No doubt tomorrow I’ll be shaking my head with wonder as I type “April” and puzzling as to how the year can already be a quarter through when it’s scarcely begun.


This week I love:

  • Deadpool.  I saw it a second time on the weekend and viewing number two was even more hilarious than the first.  It’s so very different from every Marvel movie that’s gone before it, and I’m digging Ryan Reynolds in those red tights.
  • Maggie Smith.  I saw The Lady in the Van on Tuesday and I was blown away by her performance.  Truly, there is nothing that woman can’t do.  While watching, I was struck by the beauty of her aged face.  We are taught to only see beauty in young faces, but there really is something striking about the crinkles and cracks in an older visage.
  • Purple hair.
  • Theobroma hot chocolate.
  • My new Stormtrooper leggings.
  • Finding these Wizard of Oz toys in a box of my old stuff.  These originally came from a showbag, and I used to play with them non-stop as a kid.  I packed them away when I moved out of home, and then had never been able to find them.  I had figured that they must have been lost in one of my moves, or accidentally thrown away.  So you can imagine my excitement when they turned up last weekend.
  • Long weekends
  • Croissants with Camembert cheese.

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Ghandi. #Ghandi #walltowall # benalla

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  • Street art.  Benalla has just wrapped up our second annual Wall To Wall street art festival, and there are now a bunch of colourful new paintings around the town.  I don’t have a favourite, but I see this rendering of Ghandi each day on my way home and it’s so touching.

What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.



  1. Hand on my heart, I think that I had some of those WOO figurines when I was little. It feels like a million years ago now, but I’m remembering having at least a couple – maybe more. Too cool! What a fun blast from the past – and kudos to your mom for finding yours. I’m certain mine were lost to the hands of time decades ago.

    Have an awesome week!
    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh you had these figures too? That’s awesome! I’d assumed they were an Aussie thing, but it’s so cool to know that they were available in Canada as well.

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