Five Fandom Friday: My favourite fictional foods.

Food, glorious food!  How I adore it.  As a big fan of both cooking and eating, food has a very warm place in my heart.  And as such, I am eager to jump in and share with you my list of favourite fictional foods.  It’s a tiny bit tricky to write such a list when you’ve never actually tasted any of the items on offer, but I’m sure I’ll manage with my imagination to assist me!  Spoons at the ready, and bon appetit!


  1. Butterbeer from Harry Potter

I have a very clear idea in my mind of what butterbeer should taste like.  I imagine that it would be warm, creamy with a butterscotch twist topped with Irish Creme.  I have tried a number of butterbeer cocktails, but none of them have quite matched up to this fantastical idea of what a wizard’s favourite brew should be like.


2. Everlasting Gobstoppers from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As a kid, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was my favourite book.  I used to take it home from the library to read every weekend.  The very notion of such a magical place as Willy Wonka’s factory filled me with an indescribable glee.  As a child who had very little pocket money, I adored the thought that I might be able to buy bag of sweets that never ran out, and so Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers were always a wonderful idea in my eyes.


3. The Flaming Homer from The Simpsons.

I love me a good cocktail, so how could I resist a drink that’s the toast of Springfield?  Made with a dash from every bottle in the liquor cabinet, a splash of Krusty brand cough syrup and then set ablaze, this drink is sure to make you lose your wits (and perhaps also your drumsticks).


4. Bluth’s Frozen Banana from Arrested Development

Sure, I could certainly freeze a banana, then dip it in chocolate and nuts and eat it, but it just wouldn’t be the same as a genuine Bluth’s Frozen Banana.  For one, it wouldn’t come from the Big Yellow Joint, and secondly it wouldn’t be crafted by George Michael “Mr Manager” Bluth.  If I could actually pop down to the banana stand for a treat, I’d be tempted to order the Gob, with so much extra chocolate and nuts you need two sticks to support it.


5. Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock.

Although they kinda sound like a recipe for a heart-attack, Cheesy Blasters combine all of my favourite junk foods: pizza, hot dogs and copious quantities of melted cheese.  Thanks Meat Cat!

What are your favourite fictional foods?  Are there any I’ve forgotten that you think should have made this list?




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