Product review: Lelo Soraya luxury vibe.

So, here’s the deal.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of reviewing sex toys on this blog.  I know I’ve never really talked much about it before, but I adore sex toys and erotic playthings.  And I think it’s a shame that I haven’t.  Because sex toys are awesome, and fun, and a great way to learn about what your body likes and doesn’t like.  I also think that there’s a bit of a taboo surrounding pleasure aides, and that they are a topic that We Just Don’t Talk About.  And starting now I’d like to break that down.  I’m not a sex expert, but I’m a regular woman with a regular vagina who is willing to tell you the ins and outs of the toys I’ve tried.  So let’s get to it, shall we?


The first toy I’ve chosen to review is the Lelo Soraya.  The reason I picked this one is that it’s probably my favourite in my collection.  The Soraya is a luxury rabbit-style vibe.  It’s made of buttery soft silicone and comes in three colours: pink, purple and black.  I have the black version in my toy chest.


Ok, so the first thing you’ll notice about the Soraya is the shape.  It doesn’t look like most sex toys on the market.  It’s completely smooth, with no harsh angles or ridges.  It is slightly curved and flares a little at the top, which makes it a great toy if you’re beginning to get into G-spot play or if you like a bit of gentle G-spot stimulation.  The little nub on top stimulates the clitoris.  The Soraya has dual motors, one in the shaft and another in the clitoral nub.


I truly adore the appearance of this toy.  I like that it doesn’t look anything like a penis.  I find realistic toys a little bit creepy.  I also feel that the shape and appearance makes this a great toy to hand to a male partner for some  couples play.  I know a lot of guys who feel weird using a penis-shaped toy on their partners, so this toy is a great one to get around that problem.


One thing that irritated me about the Soraya to begin with it that it didn’t fit my body well.  The clitoral stimulator sat far too high to hit my clit.  This was frustrating, because while the internal stimulation felt amazing, the external nub was buzzing away atop my pubic mound doing bugger all.  After a bit of experimenting, I realised that the arm which holds the clit stimulator in place is super flexible, and can easily be bent to direct the vibrations to the perfect spot.


The Soraya is made of silicone, which is great for many reasons.  Firstly, it feels silky smooth to touch.  Secondly, it’s non-porous and body safe. And thirdly it makes cleaning a breeze.  The Soraya is waterproof, so you can rinse it in the sink or give it a spray with some toy cleaning solution.  The centre of the toy is hard plastic set with a gold paint.  I’m not fond of this aspect of the design.  There is a ridge where the silicone and plastic meet.  While you can’t feel that ridge during play, it is deep enough for lube and fluids to get caught in there and it’s tricky to clean.  I find that I have to run a fingernail or toothpick along the ridge to get it completely clean.  And this cleaning process has caused the gold paint to flake off in a few places.  I was really disappointed by this aspect of the toy’s design, because I expected more from a luxury toy.


Now, enough about how it looks, let’s talk about performance!  The Soraya is a rechargeable vibe.  Until I bought this toy, every other vibrator I owned was battery operated.  The Lelo blows them all out of the water.  It holds it’s charge really well, and you can get four hours of play from a single charge.  It doesn’t lose power or die slowly like battery operated toys can, and you can use it while it’s plugged in or go wireless!


As far as power goes, this toy is amazing.  It’s got strong, rumbling vibrations that don’t feel buzzy or ticklish.  The highest setting is enough to make your clit rocket right off, so if you’re the kind of girl who likes intense stimulation, or you prefer a gentler touch, this toy gives you plenty of options.  In spite of it’s power, the Soraya is really quiet.  When I’m under a blanket I can’t even hear her buzzing away.


The controls are pretty cool too.  The Soraya has three buttons.  You press the + button to turn her on, and the – button to turn it off.  If you press the + or – button during play, it increases or decreases the vibration level.  The middle button cycles through the different vibration patterns.  I adore the different patterns on this toy.  You can go with something simple, such as fast or slow pulses, or use my favourite setting which gives you undulating vibration up and down the length of the toy.


If there was one thing I would change about the controls on this toy, it would be to have a separate control for the internal and external stimulators.  I’ve had other toys in the past where you could control each motor independently, so if you prefer a stronger internal vibration but just a lighter tickle on your clit then you have complete control over that.  As both motors are controlled by the same buttons on this toy, you don’t have the same level of control over your experience.  You can turn off one motor, and just have the shaft or the nub vibrating while the other is dormant.  But if they’re both on, they both have to be on the same power setting.  I found this slightly annoying but not totally detrimental.


Another feature that I adore is the travel lock.  If you hold down the + and – buttons for 3 seconds it locks the toy, so you can throw it in your bag and not stress about accidentally setting it off at the train station (yes, that’s happened to me before).  To unlock the toy, just press and hold those buttons again.  This is an awesome feature and I wish more toys had it.


Now, let’s talk about price.  As a luxury vibe, the Lelo Soraya is fairly costly.  It normally retails for $319 on Lelo’s website.  However, I got mine on sale for $212 at Adultshop (and psst!  It’s still on sale!).  Now, we don’t all have $212 to spend on a vibrator.  But I truly believe that this one is well worth spending a bit extra on.  It works wonderfully, it’s practical and functional, it’s quiet and generally well made.  If you were going to have a single vibe in your collection, I’d recommend saving your pennies and buying this one because it’s wonderful.  Although I have a lot of other toys in my collection, this is the one I come back to time and time again.


Overall I think the Lelo Soraya is an excellent toy and I would highly recommend it.  It’s a luxury vibe that does it’s job perfectly.


Do you have any questions about this toy?  Or about sex toys in general?  Fire away! (But keep it respectful and clean).

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