5 Fandom Friday: My favourite ways to Netflix and Chill

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I’m a total Netflix addict.  For years I’d heard my US buddies ramble about the awesomeness of Netflix without knowing what on earth they were on about.  Y’see, Netflix wasn’t available in Australia until earlier this year.  But when it finally sprang up on the Aussie streaming scene, I was keen to check it out. Since signing up for Netflix in April, I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with it.  It’s just so great to have such a range of movies and shows to chill out with at the click of a button. Netflix has become one of my favourite ways to unwind.  And there are so many ways to do that.  So today, let me share with you my 5 favourite ways to Netflix and chill.



  1. In bed with the cats

When it’s chilly and I’m tired of huddling by the heater I love to grab my laptop and head to bed.  I’ll prop the computer up, using the cat’s hammock to get it at the right height.  Then I’ll make a mountain of pillows, cuddle up under the doona and convince the cats to snuggle up with me.  This was the way I watched A Young Doctor’s Notebook and it was blissful.

2. In a pillow fort

Sometimes I suck at adulting.  When I want to bring out my inner child, a movie, some snacks and an epic pillow fort is the way to go.  You have to pick just the right film though, it needs to be something light and fun to compliment the soft, squishy environment of the pillow fort.  I chose Into the Woods the last time I hunkered down in my pillow fort.

3. Curled up on the couch with a pizza

There are times when I come home from work and the thought of doing any kind of energetic activity is eons from my mind.  On nights like this I enjoy ordering a pizza, throwing on some comfy pants and just chilling with a rad movie or a few episodes of a TV show.  Orange is the New Black was my most recent “forget the world with an epic show and a cheesy slice” selection.

4. With a cutie and a blanket

Ooooh, the ol’ ” Netflix and Chill Date”.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Imagine it, you’re relaxed and comfortable, you can chuck on a great comedy and giggle away to break the ice.  Maybe later you pull a blanket over you both and things start to get a little cozy, maybe hands touch hands, legs brush against each other, faces turn until lips are smooching and you’re not watching the telly any longer.  It’s blissful.  Brooklyn 99 is an awesome choice when you’re snuggling with your squeeze.

5. A marathon on a Sunday afternoon.

The best Sunday is a lazy Sunday, in my opinion.  And what better way to veg than with a marathon viewing of an awesome program?  Netflix is built for marathons, as one episode just starts playing once the previous one finishes.  For me, throwing on Jane the Virgin and having a crafternoon is the perfect way to re-charge before I head to work on Monday.


How do you like to Netflix and Chill?

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