Things I Love Thursday 22/10/2015

Weeee!  It’s Thursday again.  The weekend is almost here and I’m pumped to get into another Things I Love list.  Let’s goooo!


This week I love:

  • Please Like Me.  This show has been a breath of fresh air to me.  There are so many bland and boring TV shows on at the moment and this one just blows them all out of the water.  It’s written by Josh Thomas, who is a sensational Aussie comedian and it touches on some really important things like family feuds, relationships, homosexuality, mental illness and suicide.  But it manages to talk about those things in a really honest manner while still being funny and chatty.  It’s such a great show and I highly recommend that you check it out.

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She is the prettiest kitty ever. #hashbrownnofilter

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  • This kitty.  She is an absolute sweetheart.


  • Reading in the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon.
  • My new yoga class.  A gym has opened up just around the corner from my house and they have cheap yoga classes.  Even though I practice at home daily, I thought it would be good to expand my horizons and try something new.  Boy, am I glad that I did.  I have learned so much and have really overcome some fears I had about certain poses.  It’s been amazing.


  • TARDIS blue sequins.
  • Gin and tonic
  • Finding vintage Shiapirelli stockings in the thrift store for a dollar.  They are divine.
  • Getting psyched for Halloween.
  • Gremlins.  I watched it for the very first time last weekend and I thought it was great.  I want my own Mogwai.
  • Throwing shit out.  I have so much old furniture and broken down crud in my flat and it’s been driving me insane. So last week I ordered a skip bin from our local rubbish removal service. I filled it up in no time and it’s so wonderful to have all that clutter out of my house.
  • Getting all excited for a date this weekend.

How about you sweetheart?  What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, go ahead and share!


  1. She really is an off-the-charts gorgeous kitty!!! I like your hashtag for that snap. 🙂

    This week, and whole month really, have been filled with things I adore, as fall is my favourite time of the year and we’re the very heart of here in Canada right now. A regal palette of rich jewel tones, apple and pumpkin flavoured and filled everything, Halloween celebrations, hearty comfort food, the return of tight wearing weather, crisp walks in the crunchy leaves, starting to think ahead to the winter holiday season, and planning for our Halloween party next Saturday have all been making me gleeful as of late.

    Big hugs & happy tail end of October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and although we are right in the midst of Spring here in Australia, your gorgeous description of the colours of autumn made me long for the cooler transition of fall. I hope that your Halloween party went off without a hitch. I’m eager to see your costumes. 🙂

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