What’s going on around here?

So my blog has been pretty quiet for the last few weeks.  Over the past month I’ve ended one relationship and thrown myself into another one and then had that abruptly blow up in my face.  On top of that it’s tax time, and this has meant an extremely busy time at the accounting firm I work for.  So most days I have just enough energy to keep myself fed and clean, and blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside.

I found this awesome “Taking stock” prompt on Meet me at Mike’s which I thought would be an excellent way to get back into blogging and catch you up on what I’ve been doing lately.



A big effort to keep in touch with my friends.  So far this month I’ve caught up with Natalie, Miss Fairchild and Katherine and I’m hoping to have time to see more mates before the year is out.

Cooking :

Incredible vegetarian lasagna.

Drinking :

Many, many pots of Earl Grey tea.


Warlock by Wilbur Smith which is the second part in an awesome trilogy that I started at the beginning of the year.  It’s kind of like Game of Thrones but set in ancient Egypt.  Also thumbing through Elizabeth: Renaissance Prince by Lisa Hilton which is a biography of Elizabeth I that focuses on how she defied gender roles during her reign.


A holiday.  I don’t even particularly want to go anywhere, I just really want some time off work to recharge my batteries.


At possibly buying a house in the near future.  No concrete plans as yet, but I’m starting to put my feelers out and think about what kind of house would suit me and working out what’s affordable.


Outside with Miss Jelly.  Now that the weather is getting warmer she’s really excited about having outdoor time and loves to climb trees.


To speak my mind more.  I’ve come to realise that I’ve stayed in unhappy situations in the past that could have been remedied if I’d only spoken up and made my needs known.  I’m working harder to use my words and tell the people around me what I need rather than expecting them to guess.


That Spring would start in earnest.  We’ve had a few lovely days but it’s still pretty chilly.  I’m so looking forward to proper Spring weather.


Shaving my own head.  I bought a pair of clippers as a special treat and I’ve been shaving the side of my head myself.  It was going to cost about $50 each time I went to the hairdressers and the clippers cost $30.  I have taken to keeping it quite short so it’s more economical to do it myself.  It was pretty nerve-wracking buzzing around my ear the first time but I’m getting better at it and it’s so nice to run my hands over my freshly-shaved head.


For October to kick off so that I can jump into all my Halloween movies.


The feeling of slipping between clean sheets.


About love.  After getting dumped twice this past month I’m beginning to think that maybe I should just give up on dating for a bit.  I’m starting to get disillusioned.  Also feeling like a bit of a failure in the romance department.


My daily yoga practice.  I just feel so much lighter and calmer when I step off the mat.


What makes relationships work, why people fall in love and stay in love, whether I’ll be lucky enough to find that again.


A new piercing.  I really want to get either my tragus or another hole in each earlobe.


More books than I can possibly read.


Dr Who from the beginning again.


That my friends get through the rest of the year unscathed.  So many of them have had rough travels lately and I just hope that the year goes smoothly for us.


At how quickly this year is passing.  2015 will be over in a blink at this rate!


At the snippets of The Bachelor that I’ve seen.  Good Lord, that show is freakin’ terrible!


Cuddles and kisses on the couch.


Whether it’s a good idea for J K Rowling to continue to add bits to the Harry Potter universe.  While I respect that it’s her world and she can do what she likes with it, and I relish the new bits, I worry that it’s going to turn out like Star Wars all messy and clunky.


The cup of coffee I’m sipping while i write this.


My TMNT hoodie far too often.


Henry VIII on Twitter.  One of the most hilarious Twitter accounts I’ve come across.


That my ancient mobile phone is becoming ever slower and that the time to get a smart phone is drawing nigh.


That once I get a smart phone I’m going to wonder why it took me so long to take the plunge.


About my Halloween costume.


Miss Fairchild’s incredible new luggage.


My wardrobe.  I’ve been decluttering and feeling fabulous.


Beautiful vintage dresses.  I’ve bought a couple lately and I only want to beef up my collection.


That so many of my clients are getting scammed by douchebags calling them and pretending to be debt collectors for the Australian Tax Office.  I can’t stand scam artists.


My heart once again, even though it’s still a bit broken.  Because to me it feels like the right thing to do.


At the noises my cats make while they’re sleeping.


A bit flat but mostly pleased with the way things are unfolding in my life.


On snow pea crisps.  I’ve been trying to eat a little more healthily and I came across these yummy snacks a few days ago.  They are so tasty and have a lot less fat and salt than potato chips.


The team at work to reach our quota for this month.  We have been beating our five-year average every month so far this financial year, and I’m keen to keep doing well.


A lot of fun covers of songs I adore.  In particular I’ve been listening to a lot of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and The Baseballs.


What have you been up to lately? Fill me in on what’s been happening in your world in the comments.


  1. Sending you sooo much love! I had such a great time hanging out with you.
    Ugh, seriously, relationships are hard. I was actually in such a great space being single when I met Michael, I was a little annoyed when he popped up. It does get lonely being single, but I also cherished the, I guess the selfishness of being single.
    Ohhh, house buying! That is my dream, where we are its just too expensive though 😦

    • I had an awesome time with you too. Being single definitely has it’s advantages. I guess I am just feeling a little disheartened with all the rejection lately. I know it will be OK though, whether I wind up coupled or single.

  2. (((((hugs))))) men suck. The end.

    I really enjoyed catching up with you. I’ve been listening to lots of Motion City Soundtrack. I’ve been planning for France. Reading my vintage charm books again as I start to work on more blog posts. And mostly just feeling exhausted and stressed and hiding in bed.

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