What I wore 29/7/2015

I had an epiphany when I was typing the title of today’s post.  Since the very beginning of my blog, I’ve called my outfit posts “Daily Outfit”.  And when I started blogging that was definitely true.  Once upon a time I used to post an outfit shot every day.  Now I’m lucky to do a couple of outfit posts in a month.  So I made the decision to rename this post series “What I wore”, because it feels more real than “Daily Outfit” now.

So anyway, this is the outfit I wore to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday.  We went out for a lunch of seafood and soft drinks and it was fantastic.

I am wearing:

– Black and white floral dress from Target

– Leopard-trimmed cardigan (a gift from my parents)

– Seamed stockings from Dangerfield.

– Black patent leather heels from Nine West

– Black cat earrings from Sisunyak on Etsy.

It felt quite right to wear an outfit that was a mixture of ladylike sweetness and rebellious detailing to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.  My grandma is an amazing and surprising person.  She’s has a pretty rough year, as my grandfather passed away last year and she’s been on her own for the first time since she got married. And she is absolutely thriving.  Grandma spent most of her life being a wife and mother and putting her husband’s needs first. And now she has jumped at the chance to embrace her independence and explore the things that she’s always wanted to try.  She has thrown herself into loads of new hobbies and has made plenty of friends.  She got a job at an op-shop.  And for her birthday she bought herself a house as a gift.  In the last year she’s really embraced the desire to live a life that makes her happy and has pooh-poohed anyone who doesn’t like her choices.  I really look up to her because she is one tough cookie who still manages to be sweet and kind to those who mean the most to her.

I’ve been having such fun styling my hair since i got it cut.  One of my favourite ways to wear it is to braid along the border of my shaved side.  It shows off my short hair to perfection but has a hint of feminine loveliness to it. On this day I swept the rest of my hair into a fancy backroll.

I finished my outfit with a swipe of my new favourite lipstick: Entourage by Lipstick Queen.  It’s part of the new Velvet Rope collection and it is to die for.  Not only is it very heavily pigmented and a gorgeously vampy shade, it is practically indestructible.  I think this is the longest-lasting, non-drying lipstick I’ve ever tried.  It’s gorgeous.

I was very pleased to pop on this sassy ensemble to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday.  I felt quite cute and a bit tough as well with my leopard print accents and my shaved head.  I love the duality of elements in this outfit, as I think it’s such fun to mix sweetness with sexiness and have a bit of both at once.  Don’t you agree?


  1. You know, I think that is true of a lot of women of our grandmother/great-grandmother’s generation (and for some, even our mother’s). Not all, of course, by any means, but certainly a fair number (both of mine included, and yes, that does take into account the fact that one of my grandpa’s is still alive – I don’t say that negatively, that he’s alive of course, I mean, just that he’s always been a domineering man and I suspect that my grandma would flourish in the same way if she was single). Hopefully that will continue to ring true less and less as for each new generation, especially as – hopefully! – true equality continues to spread and become more of the norm.

    That’s a smart idea regarding renaming your post series. I like it a lot and think it makes total sense. What a fun outfit! The blend of sweet and alluring here is fabulous – and, naturally, I adore your elegant seamed stockings. 🙂

    Oodles of hugs & joyful Saturday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    • I think you’re right that there is a generational trend of women who have put their husbands and children’s needs before their own. It’s not really a bad thing, but it runs contrary to the way that girls in our culture are now raised. While I don’t think that we are yet living in a world where there is equality between the genders, women nowadays are much more encouraged to be independent and explore their own interests and needs as well as those of their family (if they choose to have one). I think for many women of my grandmother’s generation who married and had children very young, the single life that may greet them in their later years is sometimes the first taste of freedom they’ve had. After decades of family responsibilities, it can be the first time that they feel as though they are able to put themselves first. And it’s beautiful to watch these amazing women who are full of wisdom flourish and grow all the more independent and awesome.

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