5 Fandom Friday: Fictional vehicles I’d like to travel in.

This week’s prompt asks us geeks to make a list of five fictional vehicles we’d love to travel in.  I can think of quite a few fictitious vehicles I’d love to take for a spin, but here is my top 5…




Oh, the places you could go if you had all of time and space at your disposal!  I think my first stop would have to be Tudor England, followed by a swift journey to San Francisco in the 1960’s.  And then perhaps a quick peek at an alien planet, just for funsies.


2. The Mirthmobile

It’s been my dream since high school to own a bright blue mini with flames painted down the sides, just like Garth’s car in Wayne’s World.  But it would be even better to ride in the Mirthmobile with Wayne and Garth, singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and munching on doughnuts from Mikita’s.



3. The Delorean.

It’s no accident that there are two time machines on my list.  I’m a total history nerd and I would jump at the opportunity to visit some of my favourite old timey places.  I’d love to gun this baby to 88mph and shoot back to the 1950’s for a good ol’ fashion sock hop.


4. A Hoverbike

Ever since my original viewing of Star Wars, I’ve longed to be able to ride on a hoverbike.  I love the feeling of riding a motorcycle, and I imagine that a hoverbike would be like that, only better.  I’d be thrilled to take one of those babies for a zoom through the forest, feeling a rush of air through my hair as I zipped past the scenery at a blinding speed.  Awesome.


5. Tank Girl’s Tank

As a person whose physical appearance is less than intimidating, I’ve often thought it would be pretty cool to ride around in a vehicle that was massive and scary.  And what could be better for that than a souped-up stolen tank?  I’d have a ball thrashing that bad boy around the outback and shooting beer cans at any wanker that tried to tell me to slow down.


Which fictional vehicles are on your would-travel-in list?  I’d love to hear which ones you’d love to take for a spin if given the opportunity.


  1. TARDIS IS ON MINE AS WELL!!! ❤ That Delorean (also on my list) pic is amazing, love your outfit! You're so lucky to have sat in one. ;.; I didn't quite go with a hover bike, because (as a bonus on my list) I went with my own personal speeder from the MMO SW:TOR! XD

    Jen and I both did one of these! I'd love if you'd come see what we'd vroom around in. ❤

    Miss talking with you lots and lots, gotta e-mail you soon~!

    • Awwww, thank you! I’ve actually sat in the Delorean three times, in three different cosplay costumes.

      I loved reading your lists. I like that the two of you have been doing these posts together lately.

      I need to make time to send you a proper email. So much has been going on and I’d love a chance to chat with you again.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen a single list that didn’t mention the TARDIS. I can understand why though. I mean, you can travel to any time or place or planet. It’s a pretty amazing vehicle.

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