Things I Love Thursday 18/6/2015

Wowza, it’s been a while, huh?  I’m sorry for the radio silence babes.  It’s just that life has gotten very busy what with work and friends and dating and me turning 29 and all.  I had a fantastic extra-long weekend for my birthday complete with Japanese food, champagne, Hercules Returns, bubble baths and cheesecake.  It was blissful.

But enough about that, it’s Things I Love Thursday!

This week I love:

– Snuggling right down under a huge quilt on a chilly night.

– New socks.

– The X Files.  I just started watching this gem for the first time ever and I’m loving it.  Although I do spend almost every episode questioning Agent Scully’s wardrobe choices.

-This lovely pendant which was a gift from my boyfriend and girlfriend for my birthday.  It’s three hearts floating together, to represent the three of us, and a cat (because I’m a crazy cat lady).  It was the perfect gift.

– Walking along the wharf holding hands with my lovely lady.

– Sitting on the couch snuggled up to my gorgeous man.

– Tea parties with friends I haven’t seen in ages.

– Strong coffee and nutella doughnuts.

– Cat toes.  Seriously, is there anything cuter?

– Pretending to be a dragon when the cold air turns my breath to vapor.

What do you love this fine Thursday?


  1. Your relationship is so adorable! Also, I WANT CHILLY WEATHER. ;.; Jen’s began buying a fancy lolita tea set collection, I’m excited for a party. ❤

    • Aw, thank you sweetheart. Oooh, I love tea sets. I have quite a few now and I love busting them out when friends come over for tea (or when I’m hanging out with a book on Sunday afternoon).

  2. Great list! I really like that cute charm necklace. Some of the things on my end this week would be…

    Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine!!! The first cherries (and soon peaches) from the local orchards hitting the grocery store shelves, that Canada Day is this week, that my birthday is less than two weeks away, that I far surpassed my own listing goal for the shop this month, that it’s light out still until 10 PM, and that there is only four months to go until Halloween! 🙂

    Big hugs & tons of happy (slightly early) wishes for July!
    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh wow, that’s a very full and fabulous list! It’s so funny to read your summery list when it’s so cold and wintery in Australia. At the moment it’s nearly dark when I walk home from work at 5pm.

      I hope you had an absolutely sensational birthday.

    • I know right? I was about ten or so when it first aired, and I always thought of Gillian Anderson as being “old”. And watching it now I’m struck by how young she is! Perspective is a funny thing.

  3. That all sounds so lovely!
    Hmm, things I’m loving. Long hot baths. Phone chats with my Mum. Waking up to Tonka snuggled right next to me using me as a pillow. Pink hair.

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