Daily outfit 16/6/2015

I’m mad about ear cuffs at the moment.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another ear piercing, but I’m not sure of the placement.  So until I decide I’m playing around with some beautiful shiny cuffs and studs.

I bought this dazzling beauty from Louvisa a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it a lot.  It’s very eye-catching and makes me feel like an elf princess. It seemed like just the thing to brighten up a muted winter outfit.

I am wearing:

– Ear cuff set from Louvisa

– Camisole from Luka

– Velvet blazer from Tree of Life

– Pleated skirt from CKM

– Black cage stockings from Dangerfield

– Black lace-up boots (thrifted)

I’m so chuffed that the season of tights, leggings and stockings is upon us.  I get bored with basic black tights in winter so I like to mix things up with interesting textures and patterns.  These cage stockings look rough and tough, and add an edge when worn under a sheer skirt.

On days when the temperature isn’t too extreme, I like to wear a pretty blouse under a blazer made from a tactile material like velvet or sateen.  This gives me more wear out of my light summer pieces while adding warmth, interest and texture to my outfits in the cooler weather.

How are you sprucing up your wardrobe for winter?  Do you have any old favourites that you like to pull out when the weather gets cold?


  1. I love those tights, and those boots!!! I’ve been wanting to try an ear cuff for a while. You totally do look like an elven princess!

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