Things I Love Thursday 21/5/2015

I’m feeling particularly grateful at the moment.  Last week one of my work colleagues had a stroke at her desk.  It happened so suddenly and it was very frightening.  This awful accident has given me pause for thought over the last week.  I know it sounds incredibly corny, but it’s scary how quickly life can change.  In a blink all that was can be no longer, and everything is different.  I’ve been making an extra effort to take stock of all that I have in my life in order to better appreciate the good that surrounds me.   I invite you to join me by leaving your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.


This week I love:

– The emergency services.  When I phoned the ambulance last week, every person in the chain was amazing. The woman I spoke to on the phone was calm and collected, the ambulance arrived quickly and the paramedics did an exceptional job.  I was able to remain calm because I knew that we were in good hands.


– My family.  I am so blessed to have two fantastic parents and a brilliant brother.  We are all close and get to see one another often, and I know that they always have my back. And for that I’m grateful.


– My job.  It’s taken me so long to find a job that is both enjoyable and challenging.  The fact that I now earn enough to make a comfortable living is an added bonus.


-My work mates and bosses.  I am very lucky to work in a place where everyone is very caring and understanding of one another. My bosses do a brilliant job of making sure that the office is a pleasant place to work and that we have everything we need.


– My friends.  I am often floored by the incredible people that I’ve met and befriended over the years.  They are such a mixed bunch, but every one of them is special in my eyes.


– My two special love birds, who bring so much joy and affection into my life.


– My kitties, who are sweet and playful and make me feel unconditionally loved.


– My cute little flat, which has become my home.  I am so happy to have such a sweet space to return to each day.


And now some little bits and pieces:

– Salted caramel ice cream.


– Blush-coloured roses.


– Ryan Phillipe.


– Orange is the New Black.


– Spooning.


– Cards against Humanity.


What do you love this week?  Take a bit of time to find some things to be grateful for and share them with me in the comments.


  1. ❤ Lovely post! I dunno if you read my blog post, but starting the Friday before last, my father-in-law started having medical emergencies. We had to call 911 (paramedics) three times, and the third time he was loading a gun (he wasn't himself), so they finally took him to the ER. He spent a few nights in the hospital and is back home, and feeling better (he's diabetic.) Jen and I found out last night that one of our hermit crabs passed away. ;.; So it's been sad, and stressful. We're also in debt.

    Obviously, it's been sad and very stressful, but I am loving that we're hanging on. We're watching Pokémon from the beginning, I am blogging more again (I went back to Sailor July xo, haha), I am playing lots of Final Fantasy XIV which I love and Jen and I have a wonderful new therapist each, and psychiatrist who we share. So there's so much to be thankful for!

    • Hey hon, I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law. I’m so behind with my blog reading and I hadn’t heard about your ordeal. I’m also incredibly sorry to hear about your hermit crab, that must have been a real blow for you.

      It is so awesome though that you are able to look at the positives and still feel grateful for them in spite of all the stressful events that have taken place lately. I’m glad that you and Jen have both found new therapists and a psych to assist you both. Having a great support network is invaluable and you both deserve the best of care. I hope that things start to look up for you soon.

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