Daily outfit 12/5/2015

Lately I’ve been making the most of the final few rays of sunshine before winter hits.  It’s been mighty chilly here, but every now and then we’re blessed with a day that’s warmer than the rest.  A day when it’s comfortable enough to rock short sleeves, but not so hot that you can’t wear a funky vest and a scarf as well.

I am wearing:

– Vintage scarf (gift from my grandmother)

– Hogwarts House Battle shirt from Threadless

– Black harem pants from Target

– Leopard print loafers from Rubi shoes

-Vintage hibiscus earrings (thrifted)

– Denim vest from Cotton On

I was very lucky to get a big bag filled with vintage scarves as a gift from my grandmother.  Some of them were from her own wardrobe while others came from the op-shop where she works (that’s right, my family has several generations of thrift-shoppers!).  This cute patchwork-print scarf was nestled in the tangle of scarves, and I was quickly drawn to the earthy colours.  I think it will make a great headscarf in summer, but for now it’s perfect to accessorise a more casual outfit.

This tee shirt has recently undergone some surgery.  I noticed that I wasn’t wearing this shirt much because the neckline was really tight and uncomfortable.  So I grabbed a pair of scissors and snip-snipped a scoop neckline that is much more comfortable and flattering.  Sometimes it pays to get creative with the clothes you don’t wear because they don’t fit well, because you might be able to give them new life with a few tiny adjustments.

What are you wearing in the in-between season?

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