Things I Love Thursday 30/4/2015

So, April’s nearly over.  I’m serious.  How did that even happen?  Ten seconds ago I was wearing shorts and toasting the new year and now I’m huddled in a jumper polishing off my Easter eggs.  Honestly, 2015, you just need to calm the eff down.


This week I love:

– Going to the dawn ANZAC Day service.  This year was hard for my family because it’s the first year that we have observed ANZAC day without my grandfather.  My granddad served in Korea, and was proud of his efforts.  I was truly moved by this years service, and humbled when I considered the sacrifices made by those men and women to protect our country.


– Watching the sun rise over the lake.  Stunning.


– Heavy rain on the tin car port outside my bedroom window.


– Open-faced steak sandwiches.


– Wearing slippers with dinosaur faces on them.


– Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  I have never been a huge fan of Andy Samberg but he is killing it in this show.


-This video, for every lady out there who has struggled to make something look the way it does on Pinterest.


– Writing letters on paper, with an actual pen!


– Thick socks.


What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, share!


  1. – Nabbing an awesome checkered-print shirt at The Salvation Army today for $1. Heck YES!
    – Paying my bills. Yeah, I know. Bills BLOW, but I have to admit, even though they leave me broke afterwards, I *do* feel an odd sense of accomplishment after paying them… (I think it’s the nutty, organised Virgo in me. I don’t know!)
    – Remembering to stop and roll around and play on the floor with Charlie, and the loud baby squeals of happiness that ensue.
    – Slow cooker “fried” rice. So tasty, so cheap to make and so easy! I’m in love.
    – Being told by one of my university lecturers that I’m a “wonderful writer”. Isn’t that nice?!


    • Congratulations sweet pea! And your lecturer is totally right, you are a wonderful writer. I never tire of reading your writing.

      I’m so proud of you for leaping in and taking up the challenge of university. I don’t know that there are many people who could do a uni degree and take care of a baby on their own, but you are killing it. You’re amazing.

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