Things I love Thursday 26/3/2015

Well hello there!  My blog has been a bit quiet these last few days because I’ve been super busy.  Work has been nuts this week because one of my co-workers was away having dental surgery.  I’m still busily preparing for the craft fair.  And in addition to that I have started seeing someone pretty special. So I haven’t had a lot of free time for blogging.  Sorry dudes!  But I haven’t forgotten you and I’m ready to rock this Things I Love Thursday.


This Thursday I love:

– Seeing people take risks to chase the things that matter most to them.  I think it’s so brave to take the path less travelled, but so worth it if it leads to something that brings you joy.



-The fact that it’s cold enough to wear tights again.


– Visiting Melbourne and seeing all my favourite sights.  It was fantastic to have a weekend away.


– Being kissed by someone who makes my heart race.


– Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  What a fantastic read.


– Taking a long walk during my lunch break to clear my head.


– Green toenail polish.


– Salted caramel anything.


– Men who aren’t afraid to cry.


– Coupling. I began watching it this week and it’s sensational. It’s kind of like the British version of Friends.


– Holding hands while walking down the street.


– Typing quickly and hearing the clickety-clack of the keys.


– The final days before it’s too cold to walk around the house barefoot.


What do you love this week?  Jump in and share!

Please leave a comment.

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