Things I love Thursday 19/3/2015

Woo-hooo!  Yeah for Thursday!  Monday is a distant memory, the weekend is racing forward at an ever quickening pace and it’s time for a gratitude list.  What joy!


This week I love:

– Rewatching the film adaptations of Going Postal and The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.


– Planning a trip to the city this weekend.  I’m going to catch up with a mate, go on a date and enjoy some fantastic food.  I can’t wait!


– Seeing results from three months of eating well.  At the beginning of this year I decided to make a real commitment to eating a more balanced diet with less processed foods.  I’ve actually stuck to it diligently, planning my meals each week and only rarely deviating from the set plan.  I’ve tried loads of new recipes and tasted foods that have never passed my lips before now.  I’m feeling less sluggish and I’m not hitting a wall around 3pm any more.  My skin and hair are looking pretty fantastic and I’ve lost a bit of weight.  I’m not as bloated around the middle and my thighs have toned up a bit.  Last week I tried on a pair of pants that were uncomfortably tight last year and now they are a perfect fit.  I’m really pleased with the way things are going and I want to try to keep up my good work.  I feel as though I’ve cultivated some really nurturing habits and I want to stick with it.


DSCF8990– Vintage brooches.


– Preparing for my first ever craft fair.  I’m nervous but so excited.


– Fleetwood Mac


– Finally getting around to cleaning my shower.  Lemme tell you, I don’t clean my bathroom as often as I should and it was freakin’ gross in there.  But not anymore!  Now it’s sparkle-arkling!


– Doing yoga stretches in the tea room at work while I wait for the kettle to boil.


– Bright red nightgowns.



What do you love this week?


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