Things I love Thursday 12/3/2015

Good day to you, gorgeous reader!  I hope that the week has been kind to you so far.  I’m typing this while I wait for my dinner to cook, and I haven’t got a moment to waste so let’s leap on in!

This week I love:

– Getting an email confirming that I will have a stall at an upcoming local craft fair.  I am so nervous and so excited all at once.  I have heaps to do to get ready, and I have no idea what to expect but I am just filled with glee at the thought of having my own stall.  I’ve wanted to do this for years and it’s finally happening!

-Stocking up on new yarn for loads of knitting and crochet projects. I’m working hard to get some more things finished before the craft fair.

– Delicious salads with baby capsicum, broad beans and rocket.  So freakin’ tasty!

– Online dating.  No joke.  I signed up last week and so far I’m having a blast.  For someone who doesn’t go out much socially, it’s great to have a forum to meet people and chat with interesting guys.  I’ve connected with a few sensational people and I’ve got some dates lined up.  I am so stoked to get out there and begin dating again.

-This pretty little weirdo.  Jelly’s been up to some very silly antics this week.  I moved my couch a while ago, which means that her usual favourite sunny spot is no longer available. But she’s decided that she now wants to spend her mornings perched precariously on the edge of the windowsill, using the back of my narrow couch to support her.  She’s a strange little creature, but I love her.

-Making a “stress less” list.  When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I think about the specific things that are stressing me out.  Then I think of some concrete steps that I can take to resolve those issues.  Upset because the house is a mess?  I carve out some time to do the jobs that are most urgent.  Cranky because I haven’t had any me time?  I make sure to set aside twenty minutes for a home pedicure.  This list is so simple but I feel so much better because I know I’m spending my time working on the things that are taxing my senses the most.

– Cooler mornings and evenings.  Autumn is definitely on it’s way.

– Sleep ins and couch naps.

– Chocolate cake and strawberries.

– Making plans to catch up with some of my favourite people.

What do you love this week?


  1. Poor Jelly losing her comfy spot! I know a little about that. Good luck with online dating — and have fun! My moms met online several years ago and it’s been happily ever after 🙂

    • Oh really? That’s awesome! I think online dating still has a bit of a stigma, but it’s becoming more common for people to have lasting relationships with people they meet online. So far I’m having lots of fun with it.

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