5 Fandom Friday: Favorite snacks to consume while blogging.

Food is one of the awesomest things on the planet.  I love eating it, I love cooking it and I love growing it.  Although meals are lovely and satisfying, snacks are the sweet little something-extras that punctuate my day. I will often have something to nibble on or sip at while I’m blogging.  Today I’m going to run through my five favourite blogging snacks.


1. Tea

I’m a voracious tea-drinker.  I usually have a cup by my side while I’m tapping away on my keyboard.  There’s nothing quite like having a hot beverage to sip at while you’re writing.  I have a massive collection of teas, but my favourite blends are Earl Grey and Oolong.

2.  Apple and pear slices

Fruit is a great snack, particularly in the afternoon when my energy is lagging and I’m craving something sweet.  I like to make myself a little plate of cut fruit, usually apples and pears, which I can munch on while I’m blogging.  They aren’t too sticky, so it’s easy to eat them without getting juice all over my computer.

3. Jellybeans

I have a real sweet tooth, and without a doubt my favourite lollies are jelly beans.  I particularly enjoy the big fat glucose ones that you get from the pharmacy.

4. Nuts

Nuts have become my go-to between meals snack.  I keep a little jar of cashews, almonds and macadamias in my desk drawer for when the afternoon munchies hit.  They are full of protein and good fats and keep you feeling full.  Plus they taste great and have a satisfying crunch.

5. Cheese

I’m a big-time cheese lover, and I like preparing myself a little platter of cheese and crackers to snack on as I blog.  I like to buy a good variety of cheeses, from cheddar to Camembert, gouda to gorgonzola.  I will mix and match my cheeses with some thin crackers and maybe some grapes or dried apricots for a seriously delicious snack.


What do you much on while you’re blogging?  Or if you don’t have a blog, do you have any work-time snacks that you particularly enjoy?


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