Thursday 26/2/2015

Do any of you guys know where February has gone to?  It feels like it just flashed by in a mere moment.  How is the year 1/6 of the way through already?

This week I love:


-Relying on myself for that which I need most.  After a shitty day last week I came home in a massive funk.  I was feeling very sorry for myself when I thought, “This pity party isn’t helping me.  I have the power to comfort myself”.  I just sat quietly for a while and asked myself honestly what I thought would make me feel better.  I wrote in my journal for a bit, did some yoga and enjoyed a movie while working on some crafts.  And in a few hours I was back on an even keel.  I feel proud of myself for being able to look after my own sanity in that way.  I can’t always manage it, but when I can it’s awesome.

– That moment when you’re working on a craft project which hasn’t been meeting your expectations and suddenly it just falls into place and looks fantastic.

– Putting my feet up and having Ringo tickle my toes with his tail.  Hilarious.

– Chatting with my workmates about hilarious wedding stories.

– Enjoying conversations with someone who ‘gets’ me.  It’s a rare and special thing.

– Watching The Blues Brothers and then blasting some soul music while I prepare for work.

– Salted caramel Tim Tams.  Amazing!

– Hanging out at a cafe with a beer on a lazy Sunday arvo to watch my friend Wally play some awesome music.  He did some original songs, some Beatles covers, a bit of Fleetwood Mac and even Lily Allen.  But the highlight was when he closed with “I Want to Grow Old with You” from The Wedding Singer, which I firmly believe is the most romantic song ever written.

– Popping a massive pimple. I know it’s a beauty no-no, but it is just so satisfying.

– Huge thunderstorms.

– Peach iced tea drunk from a china cup at my desk.

-Finding this fantastic vintage housecoat at the op shop this week.  It’s so psychedelic and the fabric is soft and light on the skin.  I’ve been wearing this each morning and it’s so lovely.

And just check out that print.  Gorgeous, no?

– Treating myself to a lovely dinner of cheese and fruit on a summer’s eve.  Although I’m drinking from a martini glass, my beverage was actually just soda water.  I was just feeling fancy.

What do you love this week?

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