Things I Love Thursday 19/2/2015

Woo-hoo!  We are nearly through another working week.  Friday is just around the corner and the weekend will soon be in sight.  Let’s take a load off and think about the things that we love this week.

This week I love:

– Watching a couple celebrate as I handed them the certificate which made their small business application official.  It was heartwarming to watch them jump excitedly in the middle of their budding store.

– Salads. The weather has been crazy hot here the past few days so I’ve been embracing the humble salad.  I used to think that salads were really boring, but I’m beginning to realise that they are the exact opposite.  A salad doesn’t have to be entirely comprised of leafy greens.  You can throw a bit of cheese in there, add some veggies you’ve never tried before or hell, even chop up some fresh fruit to add to your salad.  Nuts, grains and tofu are also brilliant additions.  I’m currently enjoying adding a bit of peach or nectarine to a fresh green salad for a sweet edge.  It’s delicious.

-Treating myself to some delectable scented candles for Valentines Day.  I got these from Geek Nest and they are to die for.  I chose four scents: Expecto Patronum is a mix of woods, earth and clove; TARDIS Blue is stems, lily, rose, jasmine and orange; Quidditch is grass and green stems and Hagrid’s Hut is woods with a hint of musk.  The TARDIS Blue is gorgeously floral and it’s my clear favourite.  The biggest surprise was Expecto Patronum.  I normally dislike the scent of clove, and I only got this candle because it was part of the Harry Potter value pack.  But in hindsight I’m so pleased that I did, because I really love the scent of this candle.  It’s quite soft and almost masculine.  I would definitely recommend these candles.  They also come in cute tins with lids, which means they will be perfect for travelling.

– Having my one-month review at work.  It was pretty harrowing when the department head called me into the interview room for “a chat”, but she quickly started singing my praises.  She said that I’m doing an amazing job, and that I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility than she expected me to as a new employee.  She said that I’m reliable and efficient and that she is so pleased with the work I’m doing.  I did also get some constructive criticism for things to work on, which is great because I know where I need to improve to do an even better job.  I am so chuffed that things are going so well at work.

– Taking myself out for a massage for Valentines Day.  Sometimes you gotta be your own Valentine.

– Chatting with a like-minded dude about history and cute cat facts.

– The Woman in Black.  I watched the 2011 remake of this classic horror tale a few nights ago.  I saw the original a while back and although it was good I didn’t think it was that scary.  So I thought it would be fine to watch the remake alone at night.  Huge mistake!  The remake is absolutely terrifying, but so awesome.  It’s more of a thriller than an out-and-out horror story, and it stars Daniel Radcliff who you might remember from a little movie series called Harry Potter.

– Geeking out with the waitress of my favourite cafe when we realise that we are reading the same book.

What do you love this week?


  1. Way to go on your stellar one month performance review outcome!

    I am a massive salad fan. No matter the time of the year, they’re one of my staple meals. I’ve gone through periods, sometimes multiple years in a row even, when some of my GI conditions wouldn’t let me have lettuce or other similar salad veggies and always missed eating them immensely. Thankfully I’m on a good stretch there (knock wood) these days and hope it will last a really long time (I’d say “forever”, but I’m a realist).

    One of my favourite salads, which I make frequently is shredded romaine lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, salted (roasted) almonds or slivered almonds, sliced strawberries or whole raspberries (or both, if desired), and honey dijon dressing – you can take it a step further if desired and really make it a meal unto itself, by adding cooked chicken, turkey or crumbled bacon, too. I often serve this recipe (which is my own, but I’ve seen others like it before, so certainly don’t take credit for inventing the general recipe) often at dinner parties, especially in the spring and summer, and it’s always a big hit, even with younger guests (I think because of the sweetness of the berries, dressing and even almonds).

    ♥ Jessica

    • I used to really dislike salads, but I’ve come around in recent years. I think the main reason is that I don’t particularly like salad dressings, and I prefer to keep my condiments pretty minimal. Once I started preparing salads on my own and experimenting with different combinations I began to really enjoy eating them.

      That salad recipe of yours sounds absolutely amazing! I am definitely going to add this to my to-make list and hopefully pack it up to take for lunch on a workday. I find that the day is always a bit brighter if you’ve got a delicious lunch to look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing this delish recipe. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. 😀

  2. How awesome are salads? I’m loving them at the moment, especially Caesar salads with extra anchovies! YUM!
    Those candles sound SO good! About to go check them out!
    Congrats about your review with work!! 😀
    I keep meaning to watch The Woman in Black, my brother told me it was a good watch, I just keep forgetting!!

    • Oh, you have to check out those candles! There are so many that would suit you, like the Dr Who ones and the Lord of the Rings varieties. I can see you geeking out as much as I did.

      Yes! Definitely watch The Woman in Black. I found it really scary, but in a suspenseful, creepy way rather than real horror. I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to check it out.

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