5 Fandom Friday: My favourite fictional couples.

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt is My Favourite Fictional Couples.  I actually wrote a post on this same topic several years ago.  However since this time I have found a few more awesome fictional lovebirds that I need to add to my list.  So this is sort of a revised version of my original list.  So once you’ve read this list, you might like to flip back to the original post to see which other couples made the cut a few years back.

1. Monica and Chandler Bing from Friends

Monica and Chandler will always be number one in my book.  They just compliment one another so well.  From the very beginning of the series, I’d always hoped that these two would hook up and I was so excited when they finally did in London.  The thing that I adore about these two is that they are very accepting of each other’s flaws.  Neither one of them is perfect, and they know that, but they love each other for who they are.  It’s also awesome that Monica is understanding about Chandler’s relationship with his best friend Joey, and makes sure that the two guys have plenty of time with one another.

2. Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office

The thing I love about Jim and Pam is that they have this beautiful humour between them.  They are so kind and caring towards one another and are masters of the inside joke.  It’s also pretty cool that the makers of the show managed to track the lifespan of their relationship.  In the nine seasons the show was running, we saw Jim’s unrequited love for Pam blossom and finally become mutual, the couple dated, got engaged, married and had two kids.  And then they hit a rough patch and it seemed that they were doomed, but they worked through it.  I liked this because this happens in real relationships.  It doesn’t matter how much you love a person, or how many inside jokes you have, sometimes shit happens and issues crop up.  And they seem insurmountable.  But with work, communication and a little bit of luck you can overcome them.  Sometimes.

3. April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

These two are a classic case of opposites attracting.  Andy is an eternal optimist while April is dark and loathes pretty much all people.  Except for Andy.  They are so cute together and have such a playful nature.  It’s hard not to fall in love with a couple that spend their mornings sharing breakfast off a frisbee-turned-plate which they eat with a single communal fork.  They’re dysfunctional but it’s sweet.

4. Dharma and Greg Montgomery from Dharma and Greg

The thing I adore about Dharma and Greg is how much they teach one another.  They are two extremely different people and their backgrounds are about as different as you can get.  But they are both eager to learn about the other and  keen to try to understand what makes their partner tick.  They work really well as a team.  Dharma helps the uptight Greg to unwind and have a bit more fun and Greg helps Dharma to get organized and move towards her goals.  It’s pretty cool.  They bring out the best in each other which is what a couple should do.

5. Arthur and Molly Weasley from Harry Potter

Ah, Molly and Arthur.  They’re about as cute as a wizarding couple can be.  They are so tender towards one another, even when Arthur brings home yet another muggle artifact to add to his collection.  One of my favourite scenes from the books (which sadly didn’t make it into the film) was when Molly reveals that Arthur’s pet name for her is “Mollywobbles”. They are so comfortable around each other and work together to keep their huge family together.


Who are your favourite fictional couples?  Leave your answers in the comments or send me a link to your own 5 Fandom Friday post.


  1. I completely forgot about Jim and Pam! I loveeee them. It’s hard for me to rewatch the beginning seasons because of how hopelessly in love Jim was.

    • Oh I know, right? Unrequited love is the worst kind, and Jim is just so hopelessly into Pam. I’m so pleased that it all worked out for them eventually.

      • I might have stopped watching if it hadn’t. Jim and Pam was one of the two relationships that got me into the show (The other was the Jim/Dwight rivalry)

      • Oh yes, Jim and Dwight are just the best together! I had a great conversation the other night about how beautifully their relationship develops over the 9 seasons of the show. They are such great mates by the time the show ends that you almost forget how much Dwight hated Jim in season 1.

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