Favourite Funko Pop Figures.

This week’s prompt for 5 Fandom Friday is ” My favourite Funko Pop figures”.  In case you don’t know what the eff I’m talking about, toy company Funko makes an amazing range of cutesy dolls called Pop figures, modeled on the latest pop culture characters.  The dolls have a great design and you can get some really obscure ones.



I had a tricky task ahead of me when I set out to pick just 5 Funko Pop figures to feature this week.  I had to be extremely selective, but I’ve narrowed it down.  Here we go!


1. Dancing Groot


Without a shadow of a doubt, the most awesome scene in Guardians of the Galaxy was the finale when the tiny potted Groot starts grooving to The Jackson 5.  Who wouldn’t want a little Groot of their own to commemorate this fab moment?


2. Hoban Washburne


I’m not going to lie: the fact that this Wash figure comes with a tiny  T Rex doll definitely influenced my decision to include him in my list.  That and the fact that Wash was the most heartbreakingly fantastic character in all of Firefly.


3. Gogo Yubari


I’m a huge Kill Bill fan and Gogo is my favourite character.  She’s cute but absolutely lethal when that mace-on-a-chain starts a-swinging.  I’d love a Gogo to put on my desk at work.


4. Kahl Drogo.


I love the way that, in Pop Figure form, all of the tough manly characters look so cute and squishable.  I couldn’t resist this tiny version of the Game of Thrones warrior that usually makes my pants melt.  In this form, he is just so darn sweet!


5. Bebop


The whole TMNT gang has been immortalized by Funko, but this Bebop figure is the one I like the best.  From the top of his tufty purple hair to his red high-tops, he’s just perfect.


Which Funko figures would you love to add to your collection?  If you do your own 5 Fandom Friday post, please send me a link!


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