Things I Love Thursday 5/2/2015

Hey babes!  Are you ready for Things I Love Thursday? Because I sure as shit am!  Let’s do this!

This week I love:

– The relief of having everyone in your family recover from various health scares.  This week my Mum got stung by a swarm of wasps and my cat Ringo has been sick with a bladder infection.  But they are both OK and recovering well.  Thank goodness.

– The Darjeeling Limited.  I checked out this fabulous movie during the week and it was awesome.  I can’t get enough of Wes Anderson’s work at the moment.  I’m feeling a definite urge to travel across India on a train now.

– This video for changes that could make the lives of socially awkward people a million times easier.  Yes please.  All of them please.  Especially the alcohol-library combo.


– Solo movie dates.


– Coming to the realisation that I actually really like being single.  I’m not saying I don’t ever want another partner, but right now where I’m at is pretty freakin’ cool.


– The daily “mug shot” tradition I have going with this cool dude I’ve been chatting with, where we each send the other a picture of ourselves along with the mug we are drinking out of that day.  It’s pretty cute.


– Wearing slinky vintage robes and apartment stilts around the house and pretending to be a glam Hollywood starlet.



-Knitting.  Oh so relaxing.


– Cool night breezes through my bedroom curtains.


– Homemade nachos.


– James Franco.


– Putting on a dress that didn’t fit before Christmas and having it zip up with no troubles.


-These postcards featuring the characters from Arrested Development as Cats.  Yes, really.


What about you, my lovely sweet hummingbird-face?  What do you love this week?


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