Things I Love Thursday 29/1/2015

Holy crap!  Can you believe that 2015 is nearly one-twelfth over already!  Where did January go?


This week I love:

– My new job.  Seriously you guys, it’s going so well.  I feel well settled now and all the people I work with are so lovely.  I have a quiet desk and I get to do paperwork all day.  I know that sounds boring, but after years of retail and customer service based jobs, it’s an absolute dream.  I’ve been learning how to process tax returns and company statements and I’m really enjoying myself.


– Trips to the stationary cupboard.  I’m a stationary nerd, so getting to work with all manner of pens, highlighters, folders, dividers and labels all day is fantastic.  I get so excited when I run out of something because it means that I get to meander over to the stationary cupboard and rifle through the packs of paperclips and staples to find what I’m looking for.  Ahhhhh!


-Ringo’s new girlfriend!  For years I thought that Ringo was gay, because he had a long-standing affair with a black cat called Vincent when I lived in Melbourne.  But now he’s latched onto this pretty kitty.  She’s just moved in down the street, and she visits Ringo on a regular basis.  When he hears the bell on her collar tinkling, he starts purring and whips himself into the most excited state.  They love to stand at the screen door, rubbing their noses through the screen and purring at each other.  It’s so cute!


Miss Jelly doesn’t like her though.  She caught me patting her the other day and snobbed me for the whole afternoon.  Poor Jelly doesn’t realise that no other cat could ever replace my Calico Diva.


– Miso soup.  Light and delicious.


– Buying stacks of new movies.  The local Video Ezy store is closing down and they are selling off all of their stock for crazy low prices.  I bought twenty five DVDs and spent about $120.  That’s seriously good value!


– Exchanging emails with a fun gentleman who shares my love of The Wizard of Oz, British comedy and reading.  It’s been an absolute pleasure reading about his adventures everyday and swapping photographs of our Wizard of Oz fan collections.


– Receiving a surprise parcel from this same gentleman containing a copy of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I’d been dying to see.  Spoiler alert: it’s awesome.



-Unearthing this vintage teatowel from my grandmother’s extensive tea towel collection and noticing the gorgeous Tudor roses in the corners of the design.


– Planning ahead for Galentines Day.  I can’t wait to spoil all of my favourite single ladies.


– Friends who take huge leaps towards their own happiness.


– Gold nail polish.


– Crunchy handfuls of macadamia nuts.


What do you love this week?  I’d love to hear all about the things that are bringing joy to your world, so leave me a comment!


  1. Hehe, I love that Ringo has a girlfriend! There is a cat that lives next door here, that spends a lot of time in our backyard. The first time Tonka saw it, he wasn’t happy, but now he just kind of stares! I call the cat Mr Beau (Short for Mr Bojangles cause his/her bell is always making noise.) Too bad if he’s actually a girl! 😛

    I’m SO glad that you’re loving your new job and that its going well! xooxx

  2. THAT TEA TOWEL! Ah! It’s perfect! (I’m such a London freak, and that shade of blue is just delightful!)

    This Thursday, I’m l-l-loving:
    x That your job is working out excellently. This makes me so happy! You’re so clever and I’m so proud of you.
    x Big, exciting, scary-as-can-be goals.
    x Crossing my fingers for the aforementioned big, exciting, scary-as-can-be goals. Let’s see if I can make these work, eh?!
    x My best friend, who deposited $50 into my bank account this morning with the note “CELEBRATION BOURBONS”, followed by a message saying: “now go and buy yourself some alcohol and rejoice as though you’ve successfully completed your goals… or go and buy some anyway as commiseration if you don’t!” He is the most loyal-to-the-core, trustworthy, generous, funny and amazing person I know, and I’m so, so lucky to have had him in my life for the last 15 years.
    x My gorgeous, happy, silly, adorable Charlie, forever and always. She’s my #1, and the #1 reason why I’m so motivated to do all that I can, to create a wonderful life for her.

    • Some people are just extra-special, aren’t they? That’s awesome that your bestie was kind enough to shout you a round of drinks from afar. Congratulations on taking a leap towards your goals. I really hope that it works out for you, and hey, if they don’t then you can always be proud that you made that big step on your own. That’s something to be really chuffed about.

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