Daily outfit 27/1/2015

I’m struggling a tiny bit with my work wardrobe.  On the one hand, I have a collection of great work clothes that are appropriate for the office.  On the other hand, I have a lot of other wardrobe items that I’m keen to wear.  On a third hand (really Vanessa, a third hand?  Are you a mutant?)  the dress code in my office is fairly relaxed, and as long as we look clean and tidy we are pretty well free to wear what we want.  So I’ve been flitting between conservative business wear and some more casual ensembles, like this one.

I am wearing:

– White Sportsgirl peasant tunic (thrifted)

– Black velvet leggings from Cotton On

– Brown boots (gifted from a friend)

– Peacock scarf (Christmas pressie from friends Matt and Jude)

– Gold hoop earrings

– Floral celluloid ring (inherited from my Great Aunt Anne)

On this particular day we’d had a nice reprieve from the sweltering Summer heat, and a thunderstorm was forecast so I opted for boots.  The cooler air gave me an excuse to break out this gorgeous scarf that I got for Christmas from my friends Matt and Jude.  Matt picked this scarf out for me and he did a top job.  The colours go very nicely with a lot of my favourite outfits and I have a deep-seated love for peacocks.  This piece is just so gorgeous.

I’ve been having fun experimenting with my work wardrobe.  I’ve worn a mixture of vintage pieces and modern business wear and so far I haven’t felt the tiniest bit out of place.  In fact, I had the lovely lady who works at the post office tell me that she looks forward to my mail runs so that she can see what I’m wearing.  She told me that I have a “distinct sense of style” which buoyed me up.  Lovely compliments like that are so heartwarming, so I’m trying to make a bigger effort to tell people when they are doing something fantastic or looking awesome.

What have you been wearing to work lately?  Have you received any fabulous compliments?


  1. I love your outfit, Ness! I have a thing for tunics (despite not owning a single one, woops!) I’ve pretty much been living in PJs, which sounds okay, but it’s very sluggy feeling. (I made up that word.) I’m planning on 1upping my wardrobe so I have a selection. First will prob be some American Eagle jeans. My fav denim!

    • Thank you so much darling! I love tunics too, and my wardrobe boasts quite a few. They are just so easy to wear and have a cute bohemian look that I adore.

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