Product review: Bandelettes.

 I’m a card-carrying member of the Chub Rub Club.  I have generous thighs that touch at the top and generate enough friction to start a fire when I walk long distances.  I like to imagine that my thighs like each other so much that they just can’t keep their hands to themselves. But all this thigh-action can cause some pretty painful chafing. So I’ve been on the lookout for something that will prevent the chub rub.

I came across a product called Bandelettes.  Bandelettes are bands that you wear around your thighs to prevent chafing.  The kind folks at Bandelettes sent me two pairs of their revolutionary thigh bands to try out.

My Bandelettes arrived just as the weather in Benalla reached scorching temperatures.  It was perfect timing and I was eager to take them for a spin.


The first step to getting the best performance out of your thigh bands is ensuring that you buy the right size.  To do this, you should measure your thighs with a flexible tape at the point where your thighs touch.  Then, refer to the sizing chart to make sure that you select the correct size.  The reason I got two pairs is because I’m on the cusp of size A and B.  The website recommends to size down if you are in between sizes to ensure a snug fit.

I got two different designs and colours.  This design is called Black Onyx. As you can see, the Bandelettes resemble the tops of stay-up stockings.  They are lined with two non-slip silicone strips to help them to stay in place.

This design is called Beige 1004.  My first impression of the Bandelettes was that they are so pretty!  So many shapewear and utilitarian underwear designs are ugly and matronly, but these look downright sexy.  If I happened to be wearing these on a date and things started to heat up, I wouldn’t be at all embarrassed to let my companion catch a glimpse of these.

To wear your Bandelettes, simply pull them up onto your thighs and position them at the point where your thighs touch.  This will be slightly different for every person.  Make sure that the bands aren’t twisted and are lying flat against your skin.

After I’d positioned my Bandelettes, I threw on a maxi dress and headed out for dinner.  I had to walk quite a long way to get to the restaurant, and I didn’t feel so much as a twinge.  The Bandelettes were so comfortable to wear.  They didn’t rub, slip or roll at all.  I was worried that they might make me feel even hotter in the humid summer air, but actually I felt cooler without the friction from my thighs.

The following day I wore my beige Bandelettes to go shopping.  I walked for hours without any chafing.  Once again, the bands didn’t budge at all.  I experienced similar results with both sizes.  The bands were also extremely discreet, and weren’t visible at all under my clothing.  I had been concerned that the lace might create a static effect that would cause my skirt to cling to them, but this wasn’t the case at all.

The bands are very easy to wash and dry.  I hand-wash them with my delicate items and then lay flat to dry.

Bandelettes retail for $14.99 each  and come in a huge range of colours, including black, red, beige, white and chocolate.  There are even unisex bands if you don’t like the feel or look of lace.  The unisex bands would be a perfect addition to your active wardrobe to prevent chafing while jogging or cycling.

I would highly recommend Bandelettes for my fellow members of the Chub Rub Club.  Not only do they look cute, but they work brilliantly too.

These items were provided for my consideration.  The opinions contained in this review are my own honest views.


  1. I bought a pair and was SO excited, they fit well and looked great… and didn’t work. 😦 They stopped the chafing from my thighs rubbing together, but instead my fat squeezed out the lace and I ended up in as much agony as I would wearing nothing! The non-lace ones seem completely pointless to me – I may as well stick with wearing un-sexy bike shorts under my dresses. I don’t understand why more people aren’t having this problem, and why there isn’t an alternative product that looks pretty but doesn’t actually have the holes in the lace. I’m going to have to try to make my own, and I HATE sewing. Thought I’d found the perfect solution, but alas, disappointed yet again!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry that you didn’t find the Bandelettes useful. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem before. Just a thought, but are you sure you bought the right size? Perhaps a larger size might not fit as tightly and you may not have the issue of your thighs spilling out through the lace.

      • No, I’m sure if anything the size I got was too big. Luckily Bandelettes were very helpful and actually sent me a free pair in the right size and a less ‘busy’ lace pattern… but unfortunately these didn’t work for me either. Reviews on Amazon suggest I’m not alone in my problem, and I have given in and ordered some of the plain ones. Yet to receive them, but intend to try sort of decorating the plain ones by wearing the lace on top… if that works I’ll certainly suggest they try something similar in their future designs.

      • I’m so sorry that the Bandelettes didn’t live up to your expectations. That’s fantastic that the company were so helpful and willing to assist you to come up with a solution. I wish you all the best and hope that the plain ones work out for you.

  2. These have been on my wishlist for awhile! So glad to hear they work. I often wear bike shorts under dresses to help the chub rub, but sometimes they just get too hot!

    • I’ve tried bike short but they always seem to roll up on me. And you’re right, they do get really hot. I can’t recommend these highly enough. They’re fantastic.

  3. This is sooo one of those delightful “light bulb” products, as I like to call them – as in, someone had a major light bulb moment when they came up with them and once you’ve seen/heard about said product, it seems like something so obvious that should have been around for ages. Thankfully it’s here now though and by the sounds of your fantastic review, they’re well worth writing home about, so to speak.

    Thank you very much for the Bandelettes introduction. This is a brilliant product that I think far more women than not could happily avail of (myself included – especially in the summer).

    ♥ Jessica

    • Absolutely! It seems like such an obvious idea that I can’t believe nobody has thought of it until now. The Bandelettes are so cute and they work really well. I’m so happy to be able to spread the word about this awesome product.

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