Daily outfit 20/1/2015

I was lucky enough to unwrap a rad new Dr Who shirt on Christmas morning.  The bright design and the artsy print had me smitten from the moment I tore away the wrapping paper.  I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Multi-coloured TARDIS print?  Yes please!

I was feeling a bit rough and ready when I got dressed this day.  Here is how I styled my TARDIS shirt for it’s debut.

I am wearing:

– Dangling cat earrings (gift)

– TARDIS shirt from The Doctor Who Pop Up Store

– Tartan mini skirt from Target

– Dr Martens boots

– Silver ring (thrifted)

– Leopard ring from Equip

It was super hot the day I wore this outfit.  I have been experimenting with different ways to wear my hair up and off my neck.  It just keeps things breezy and cool.  I am so happy I no longer have my extreme mermaid-hair to contend with during summer.

I wore this outfit to do some shopping, read a book on the grass and do some knitting.

Did you get any rad new clothes for Christmas?  Have you worn them yet?



    • Oh that’s awesome. It would be so cool to be able to make your own clothes. The possibilities are just endless. You could fill your wardrobe with custom-made items.

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