5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I’ve been to or wish to attend.

Welcome to the end of another awesome week.  It’s time to slip into my geek-pants and rev up my Delorean for 5 Fandom Friday.  This week’s topic is: Conventions I’ve been to or wish to attend.


1. Supanova

Supanova is probably my favourite of all the conventions.  I’ve been to four so far and I hope to attend this year as well.  Supanova tends to be one of the better-organized Aussie conventions in my opinion.  There are also usually some amazing guests at Supanova.  In the past, I’ve seen Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, Tom Feldon and James Marsters at this event.  They also have kick-ass artists and awesome stalls.

2. Armageddon

Armageddon holds a special place in my heart because it was the very first convention that I attended.  It was where I met some awesome celebrities such as Billy West, Chris Rankin and Nicholas Brendan.  It’s also the first convention that I attended in cosplay, which is really exciting.

3. Oz Comic Con

I’ve been to Oz Comic con every year that it’s been held, and it continues to get bigger and better each year.  With big-name guests, stellar cosplays and ever-impressive venues, this con is a must-visit for any Aussie nerd.  Although the first year was a bit of a bust (Stan Lee was booked to appear, ticked had over-sold and the venue was ill-equipped to handle the sheer number of people) the promoters seem to learn from experience and make the convention better every time it’s held.

4. PAX

Now we’re moving onto conventions that I wish to attend.  PAX is relatively new to Australia, and has a bigger focus on gaming.  Now that I’m starting to really get into tabletop games, I would love a chance to go to PAX.  My brother attends every year, so hopefully in 2015 I’ll tag along with him.


5. San Diego Comic Con

Now, this one is a total pipe-dream.  San Diego Comic Con is arguably the biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the world.  Every nerd dreams of attending this convention.  And I would love a chance to head along.  It would be amazing.


Do you attend conventions?  Which ones are your favourites?  Or which would you like to attend?


Pssst!  If you’d like to join in with the 5 Fandom Friday fun, you can pop on over to The Nerdy Girlie to check out the list of upcoming topics.  The more, the merrier!


  1. Since you want to also go to Disneyland why don’t you time a vacation to do both Comic Con and Disneyland. San Diego is a short drive from Los Angeles; it really would be awesome if you could do it. If you are hitting the west coast you may as well kill 2 birdies with one stone. 🙂
    I live in CA and still have yet to attend Comic Con…. I get really antsy around huge crowds.

    • I definitely should! I am clueless when it comes to US geography, so I had no idea that those two places were so close together. What a fantastic idea!

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