Daily outfit 13/1/2014

Several months ago, I was given a cute vintage pin-curling tool from my friend Miss Fairchild.  I haven’t felt motivated to set my hair in months, so it’s just sat in it’s cute little box until now.  But last week I had a night to myself and I decided to give it a shot.  And I was so happy that I did!

This little beauty cut my setting time in half.  It only took me about ten minutes to curl my entire hair, when I’d usually spend between twenty and thirty minutes arranging my curls.  Plus, my setting pattern actually stayed pretty neat, rather than being a total hodge-podge as it normally would be.  The tool also made it so much easier to keep the ends of my hair neat while setting, which is something that I’ve always struggled with.

I did have a bit of trouble brushing the curls out though.  The tool allowed me to make much smaller and tighter curls than I can do by hand, and so when I released them from the pins there were millions of ringlets cascading from my head.  I began brushing and immediately panicked because the whole lot frizzed up lie mad.  I looked like I had a terrible 80’s perm, and my hair took up seven times as much space as it normally would.  Ahhhhh!

But the thing with pin-curls is that you have to persevere.  Sometimes the brush-out process can be lengthy and tricky.  This type of set tends to frizz, and you need to be firm with your curls in order to tame them.  Eventually, with plenty of brushing and a bit of pomade and spray, I managed to create these lush curls.

This is one of the nicest pin-curl sets I’ve ever done.  The curls are much more uniform in shape and size, so they formed perfect waves when the brush-out was complete.  I can’t wait to use my Sculpture Pin Curler to create some more precise sets.

(If you’re interested in learning more about pin-curling, you might like to check out this post about creating pin curls or this video I made about my pin-curling tips)

I decided to wear my pretty curls with some of my Christmas loot.

I am wearing:

– White lace blouse by Koko (gift from my parents)

– Black harem pants from Target

– Grey Tony Bianco ankle boots (thrifted)

– Vintage Jet brooch (gift from my parents)

– Sapphire ring (inherited from my Great-Aunt Anne)

I was originally going to wear jeans, but it was far too hot.  So I opted for cotton harem pants instead, which was a very smart decision.

I have noticed that every Christmas and birthday for the last four years, Mum has always bought me something white and lacy.  Perhaps it’s her way of hinting to me that she’d like to see me get married soon (in addition to, y’know, flat-out telling me so all the time).

I wore this outfit to go to the movies to see St Vincent, which was absolutely fantastic. Not what I was expecting at all, and truly great.

Did you get any clothes for Christmas?  Have you worn them yet?


    • Thanks so much. You should definitely give pin-curls a shot. If you ever need a hand with them, just holler, I’d be happy to help you out. They’re so much fun to style and they hold for aaaaages.

  1. Gorgeous!!! My first thought is that your hair looks worthy of a fairy tale princess! 🙂 Such volume, such lovely curls and such bounce to it! Case me biased (pin curls be ever-so-vintage), but I do believe this is my favourite way I’ve seen you style your hair here on your lovely blog.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh thank you so much! What an amazing compliment. I really like wearing my hair this way too, but I don’t do it too often because I rarely find the time to set my hair and brush it out in the mornings. But now that I’ve got this pin-curling tool I think I’ll have to make time to do this more often, because it really did make the job easier.

    • Thank you for your kind compliment. I use a rough setting pattern. I usually part my hair down the middle and take a large section from the top of my head. I do some stand-up pin curls on this centre section that roll away from my face for volume. Then I make flat pin curls rolling towards my face on the two side sections and just hope for the best!

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