Things I Love Thursday 8/1/2015

It’s Thursday!  Time to make another list of awesome things that I love.  Whack-o!

This week I love:

– All the “year in review” posts that are cropping up in the blogosphere this week. It’s so awesome to take a look back over the year that was and revel in all that my friends have achieved (or withstood).

– Making the decision to be more honest with myself this year.  I have fallen into the trap of telling myself only those things that I want to hear.  Now, it’s important to be kind to yourself, but sometimes I feel that I tell myself little lies in the spirit of being kind.  This year I’d really like to try to be more honest, not harsh, but truthful with myself to help myself to progress.

<img class="aligncenter"

– My new snowy white owl.  Mum bought this little darling for me last week.  Her name is Hedwig.

– Stretching out in front of the AC.

– Big Love, the HBO series.  I began watching it this past week and it’s a real eye-opener.  I’m not sure how factual it is about how polygamous families actually operate, but it is pretty entertaining.

– Awesome “Happy New Year” messages from friends.

– Experimenting with eating better.  This year I really want to look after myself a bit better, and part of that is making better choices with regards to food.  I want to cook more often, eat less processed food and enjoy foods that make me feel good.  So far I’ve been making loads of delicious salads and also jumping into the world of green smoothies.

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-Finding this hella cute jumper at the op shop for $4.  Sadly, it’s far too hot to wear this darling just yet, but it gives me something to look forward to.

– Regina Spektor

– Decaf coffee.  No, really!  I’ve been on the lookout for a decent decaf brand for a while now.  I love an afternoon coffee, but when I’ve got my period the caffeine makes my cramps so much worse.  I’ve finally found one that tastes delicious and I’ve been substituting this for me afternoon coffee every second day to ease myself into it.  So far, so good.

– Planning some geeky crochet projects.

– Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  A friend recommended this book to me a long time ago, and I’ve been hanging out to read it. I went to the library to collect some holds last week and it was sitting on the shelf looking at me, so I snapped it up.  I’m about a third of the way through, and it’s brilliant.  If you like adventure stories, science fiction, video games or 80’s pop culture this book is for you!

What do you love this week, babe?  I would love to hear all about it, so please feel encouraged to leave your own Things I Love Thursday list.


  1. Aww, your new owl is thoroughly darling!!! I just picked up two little plush grey foxes (that are wearing scarves) on clearance for about $3.50 each at a local grocery store on Sunday night and love that though intended for Christmas, I can leave them up all winter – if not all year (the only thing distinctly wintry about them is their scarves). They were the last two and just too cute to pass up (plus they made me think of Tony and I, as they naturally assume a near kissing position when placed face to face).

    Big hugs & many thanks for your wonderful comment on my vintage photo shoot location ideas post,

    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh, those foxes sound lovely. I have a soft spot for woodland creatures, particularly owls and foxes. It’s so sweet that they “kiss” when you put them next to each other. So cute!

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