Daily outfit 6/1/2015

I was lucky enough to get this absolutely stunning butterfly ring for Christmas.  It was a present from my friends Matt and Jude, who always pick out the loveliest things for me.

I decided to pair this special piece with some pretty florals for a really feminine, folksy look.

I am wearing:

– Pink and black floral vintage dress

– Silver butterfly ring from Matt and Jude

– Brown Zu platform shoes (thrifted)

– Silver disc necklace (gift from my aunt and uncle)

– Black belt (thrifted)

I pulled my hair up in braids and added a wash of pretty coral blush to my cheeks. I kept everything else fairly neutral and natural.

I wore this outfit to go op-shopping and then visit my parents for dinner.  It was blessedly cool this day, with a gorgeous breeze.  It was so much fun to walk down the street with my skirts ruffling pleasantly in the wind.


    • Awww, thankyou. The funny thing is, now that I’ve cut my hair I’m struggling to get it up in these braids again. The layers are making it so hard to work with.

  1. Every element of this beautiful boho look is terrific, but it’s those wooden wedge heels that really stopped me (fittingly :)) in my tracks. They are so fantastic and really telegraph the vibe of similar styles from the 40s. What a stylish, timelessly cool pair of heels to have in your wardrobe.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you so much. These shoes are actually my second pair of Zu heels in this design. I got my original pair in an op-shop for $5 many years ago. They work so well with my wardrobe and they are actually really comfortable. I’m not kidding, I can walk all day in these. Last year I found an identical pair in my size in another op shop with the original box. They were marked at $8, and I snapped them up. Both pairs are still in high rotataion, but these ones look newer. They have served me very well.

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