Things I Love Thursday 1/1/2015

Happy New Year everyone!  How exciting!  The start of 12 months brimming with promise and possibilities.  As I look forward into what I want for this year, I also feel drawn to look back and reflect on all those things that have brought me joy.  So let’s all take a moment and think about the things that we love.

This week I love:

– My family.  I am so incredibly lucky to have the family that I do.  We all get along most of the time and we very rarely fight.  We all have a brilliant time together and we often have opportunities to catch up.  We support one another and offer a hand up when it’s needed.  I don’t know where I’d be without my family. I am so blessed to have been born into such an awesome group of people.

– My friends.  I have met so many people over the years, whether through school, at uni, through blogging, at work or just out and about. I have an awesome group of fantastic people from all walks of life that I draw energy and inspiration from.  I am so damn lucky to have not only many friends, but many awesome friends.

– My home.  I live by myself in a gorgeous little flat. My flat is on the large size, but the rent is extremely reasonable.  I have a huge yard, a gorgeous kitchen and enough space to allow my mates to come and stay often.  My neighbors are great too.

-My cats.  These little munchkins provide me with an endless supply of snuggles and giggles.  They are both so different in personality and yet I love them both equally.

– My body.  I am grateful to have a body that works and allows me to do all sorts of awesome things.

– My new job.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to begin a new job in the new year.  I’m really looking forward to learning the ropes.

– My blog.  Writing in this space on a regular basis is one of my favourite ways to spend my time.  It’s fantastic to have an outlet to explore my interests and let my creativity flow.  And it’s even more brilliant that so many people read and comment.  It makes me feel so wonderful when I get good feedback on something I’ve written.

And a few little things, including:

– Knee socks and short skirts

– Mango in salad

– Buying one last carton of eggnog before the year is over.

– Pigging out on pizza with my brother and my bestie.

– Making the perfect trifle

– My grandmother, who is becoming a staunch feminist in her old age.  She’s amazing.

– Sparklers, champagne and glitter.

Let’s hear you sing it, babes!  Tell me: what do you love this week?


  1. Yes, yes and yes again!!! It’s so important to count our blessings and take stock of the things we love/that bring us joy in life. It seems that society often grows more negative and cynical with each passing year (and how can you blame it, it’s a proverbial mind field out there these days), but that doesn’t mean that we have to on an individual basis and posts like this are truly one of the best ways to counterbalance that and remind others to sit back, put their feet up, and celebrate the good we’re fortunate enough to have.

    ♥ Jessica

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s so easy to sink into the mire of depressing happenings around the world. and one of the best remedies I know of is to take a look at what’s going right for you.

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