Things I love *ahem* Wednesday 24/12/2014

I know what you’re thinking.  “Vanessa, it isn’t Thursday yet, why are you doing a Things I Love post on a Wednesday?”

Well, the simple reason is that tomorrow is Thursday and it’s also Christmas Day.  So I thought I would give myself a break from blogging and do my Things I Love post on Wednesday just for this week.

So, let’s get started shall we?

This week I love:

– Not shaving my legs.  Don’t get me wrong, I like having smooth legs in summer.  But I’m also sick of razor burn and the itchiness when my leg hair grows out. So for now I’m experimenting with not shaving.  So far, so good.

– Eggnog.  It’s the perfect Christmassy drink.

– Sparkling apple juice and gin and tonic on a hot night.  Refreshing and delicious.

– Baking gingerbread.  This year I tried out some fancy new cookie cutters, and had very mixed results.  The cookies tasted amazing, but the shapes didn’t turned out the way I’d planned.

This was supposed to be a candy cane, but turned out looking more like Mr Hanky, the Christmas Poo from South Park.

Ironically, the shapes that turned out the best were these dinosaurs: the only non-Christmas shape I made.  Oh well, at least these looked cute.  And my friends had a blast trying to guess what shapes the cookies were supposed to be.

– Catching up with good friends before Christmas and sharing stories, a cup of tea and some delicious sausage rolls.

– The Muppets.  Today, tomorrow and always.

– Chunky rings.

-Having Jelly join in with my yoga practice.  I call this pose “Reclining Rainbow”

– Getting hugs and kisses from all the old ladies at church.

– Attending a funeral for the wife of one of my old work colleagues.  Although it’s never nice to attend a funeral, this one was so beautiful.  The church was full to the brim, so much so that I had to sit up on a balcony.  In all of my twenty eight years, I’ve never been onto any of the balconies in that church.  The family of the woman who had passed told such beautiful stories about her and it was a really uplifting and positive service.

– My new Slinky shirt.  I bought this as a Christmas present for myself from Pulp Kitchen and I just love it.  They make some of the best tee shirts ever.

– Watching my cats snuggle each other in a rare spirit of friendliness.

– Stringing up Christmas lights in my bedroom.  Originally it was just going to be for decoration during the Christmas season, but my room look so magical that I think I’m going to have to leave them up all the time.

– Surprise packages in the mail from awesome friends.

What do you love this week sweetheart?  I’d be chuffed to read all about the things that are bringing joy to your world this week.

Also, I must wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I hope that the end of the year is somewhat relaxing, and that you have a chance to celebrate in your own way.  Look after yourselves and have a lovely Christmas.


  1. You got yourself a Slinky shirt and I am passing mine to the Good Will. I wish if fit me better because I really enjoy the fabric and the logo. I like yours.

    • Oh thank you! I’m really happy with it. I always get a giggle when I see someone wear something that resembles an item from my wardrobe that I’ve passed on to charity. I always wonder if it’s the same one that I let go.

  2. Your Slinky shirt is awesome! What a fabulously fun gift to bestow on yourself. The cheerful waves of nostalgia seeing the logo and slogan bring back for me put the biggest smile on my face. 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Merrrry Christmas Vanessa!!
    Hehe, reclining rainbow, I like the sound of that. Tonka doesn’t do yoga, he just likes to stare at me when I do.
    Those cookies look yum, but yeah, not so much like what they were supposed to. Though I LOVE dinosaurs so it’s awesome those ones turned out!!

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