Daily outfit: 23/12/2014

Do you ever watch a TV show or a film and immediately want to copy all of the outfits?  Well, that’s what’s been happening to me lately with American Horror Story, Coven.  I am obsessed with the style of the witches in that series, and I’ve been pining after black layers and floppy hats.

So you can imagine my glee when I stumbled across a black felted hat in Pulp Kitchen last Sunday.  And the fact that it was on sale for just $19 was an added bonus.  I can see this hat topping so many of my ensembles in the months to come.  But for today, I’m wearing it with witchy flounces and tough tights.

I am wearing:

– Black felt hat from Coo Ca Choo

– Black rose top (bought so long ago I don’t even remember where from)

– Black gypsy skirt from Temt

– Black fishnet tights from Dangerfield.

– Black and cork flatforms from Big W

– Emerald ring (inherited from my great aunt)

– Silver cross necklace (gift from my parents)

– Silver filigree bangle (gift from my parents)

– Round sunglasses from Factorie



Getting some awesome lens flares on my photos today.


I’m all ready for my admission to Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  I could have great fun hanging with the witches.






I went with smoky purple eye makeup with a big ol’ flick of eyeliner.  Unfortunately, you can’t see my handiwork when I’m wearing my big sunglasses.  And I feel that the sunglasses are an essential part of this look, don’t you?


Have you ever been inspired by the costumes in a television show?  Have you seen American Horror Story?  And if so, did it make you want to dress like Stevie Nicks?


  1. I just finished Coven and I told my husband that I wanted to steal all of the clothes from the set. I also exclusively sing Stevie Nicks in the shower now. 😉

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