Daily outfit 16/12/2014: Who’s This?

I’ve been thinking about putting together some Christmas themed outfits this year, but I haven’t felt very inspired.  I struggled to come up with a single outfit idea, even after sifting through several combinations of red and green clothing.  That is, until I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas last week.  I loved the idea of creating a Burton-esque outfit in honour of the holidays, and a snap of cold weather was the perfect opportunity to put my idea into practice.

I am wearing:

– Key earrings from Etsy.

– “Who’s This?”  Tee shirt (gift)

– Green leopard print trousers from Target

– Black motorcycle boots from Big W

– Christmas beetle ring (gift)

– Skull spike bracelet from ASOS

– Jack Skellington bracelet (made by Violet)

I accessorised with this cute Jack Skellington bracelet that Violet made for me years ago.  I felt that the outfit needed some more studs, so I added this skull bracelet as well.

The tee shirt I’m wearing was a gift from a friend, and it’s got the most perfect print.  I adore it when two of my fandoms collide!  The design on this tee shirt is called “Who’s this?”.

My makeup was bold, with green eyes inspired by Oogie Boogie.  If you like this look, just wait until next week when I post a tutorial to help you recreate it at home.

To me, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect Christmas film.  Not only is it full of cute characters and awesome songs, but it has a lot of heart to it.  The relationship between Jack and Sally is so sweet.  I also adore the way that the main character, Jack Skellington, struggles to define the indescribable spirit of the Christmas season and is always at a loss to put it into words.  I find it so difficult to adequately describe the magic of Christmas, and I can really relate to that feeling of being lost for words to define something so amazing and touching.

Of course, it also helps that the film is a bit quirky and unconventional.  I like things that are a little bit left-of-centre, like this unusual take on a Christmas outfit.

Do you wear Christmas themed outfits?  How do you work the holiday spirit into your wardrobe?



  1. I was peering at your pants and thinking “is that… LEOPARD PRINT?! *heart eyes* ” Sure enough… it was! What a stylish ensemble, this is FAR more fun than any old traditional red and green number!

    • Awww, thank you so much! I’m so glad that you’re as smitten with these pants as I am. They’re great, aren’t they? I have two other pairs: one tartan and one plain black, but the leopard print are by far my favorites. I think I’ve worn them three times as often as the other two pairs combined.

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