Christmas 2014 wishlist

You guys, December is here!  December is probably my favourite month of the year.  I adore Christmas and I spend the whole month indulging in my favourite baked goods, decorating my house and shopping like a madwoman.  To get you in the Christmas spirit, I thought that I would share my Christmas wish-list for this year.



‘Dear Santa…’ by Nessbowify

A list of gorgeous items that I would be thrilled to unwrap on Christmas morning.

SALE Empire Records tshirt R…


M2O Why So Serious? Danse Ma…


Vintage 60’s Pastel Mold…


Let Me In signed poster – 11…


Awesome vintage green apple …


CYNTHIA rugrats defying beau…


Hedwig and the Angry Inch Or…


Toadstool Necklace


Nightmare Before Christmas M…


Winterfell — Book Lovers…


Beautiful Queen Anne’s L…


Freddy Krueger Inspired High…


Vintage 1985 Silver and blue…


Doctor Who – 10th Doctor Kit…


Game of Thrones — Valar Mor…


Frida Kahlo Dress/ Vintage …


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Some other awesome things that are on my ultimate wish-list include:

– A week’s stay at a yoga retreat in the Dandenong ranges

– A visit to the cat cafe that’s just opened in Melbourne.

– A full-body massage at a gorgeous spa.

– The box set of The Office on DVD.

– Tickets to Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.


What about you sweet pea?  What are you hoping to find under your tree this year?  Leave your far-out and fantastical wish-list in the comments.


  1. I tried to comment here earlier but my post was eaten. My blog URL comes up blocked sometimes :/ so I went with my very tame instagram account.

    I have the worst time with wishlists. My hubby is finding it quite the chore to shop for me because I have all of 10 things on my Amazon list. :/ Shame on me I guess. I like how you made your list though, pictures are always great for lists; Amazon’s is kinda bleh.

    • I’m a very visual person, so having pictures as a part of my lists is a must for me. I make them using Etsy’s treasury tool, which is really easy to use. If you have an etsy account, you should give it a shot and then send a link to your hubby!

  2. Ooohh, what a charmingly fantastic wishlist! I want a good half of it now myself!!! 🙂 I’m honoured that you included an item from my shop on it, sweet Vanessa. Thank you very much! That green apple necklace is sensational and I hope dearly that it’s able to end up as yours.

    My Christmas wishlist is mostly comprised of lots of books, a dress or two from Lindy Bop (I’ve wanted something from them for ages now!!!), and if Santa really, really wanted to spoil me, a new vacuum cleaner, as ours has been broken for almost two years and I’ve just been using the hand vac and broom to get by (thankfully we don’t have a lot of carpeting or rugs, so it’s not as a big of a hardship as it may sound, but still a vac would handy!).

    I super hope that Jolly Old St. Nick brings you everything in your list, my dear friend, and that you have the very merriest of holiday seasons!

    ♥ Jessica

    • I don’t know where I’d be without a vacuum cleaner! My flat is 80% carpet and I have two cats who shed like crazy. I hope that Santa is kind to you this year, sweet-pea.

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