Daily outfit 25/11/2014

Every cosplayer faces the dilemma of what to do with their costume pieces in between conventions.  I know some people who display their costumes like works of art in their homes.  Others have entire wardrobes devoted to storing their cosplay gems (while their day-to-day clothes are relegated to the floor).  I take a different approach, as I like to work my cosplay items in with my regular clothes.

Today I decided to team the tee shirt from my Tank Girl cosplay with a laid-back outfit for a day of shopping and hanging out with my cousins.

I am wearing:

– Tank Girl tee (bought from Target, modified by me)

– Red and black striped skirt (thrifted)

– Red patent leather heels from Giallo

– Silver ear cuff from Sportsgirl

– Swarovski stud earring

– White resin bangle (thrifted)

– Ruby ring (inherited from my Great Aunt Anne)

– London bus bag from Harrods

Lately I’ve found myself really drawn to crop tops.  I’m not used to showing off my midriff, so it’s a bit of a challenge for me.  I prefer to wear my crop-tops with a high-waisted skirt, to show off a sliver of flesh between my navel and my ribcage.

This handbag was a gift from my old next-door-neighbours, and I’ve had it since I was four years old.  I adore it because it’s a little bit different, and big enough to fit all my bits and pieces in.  It’s also waterproof, which came in handy when my little cousin Abbey decided to turn the hose on me while we were filling up her paddling pool!

I also have a beautiful new ring.  This gem came from my Great Aunt Anne, who passed away recently.  She had no children of her own, and all of her things were sent to my grandmother when she passed.  I always have difficulty finding rings to fit me, because my fingers are really fine.  It seems that I inherited my tiny hands from my aunt, because all of Anne’s rings fit me perfectly.  So I took quite a few gorgeous rings home with me.  I feel quite sad that I never got a chance to meet my Great Aunt Anne, because it seems that she and I would have had quite a bit in common. As it is, I will wear her jewels with pride.


  1. I looove this outfit! I love crops and that skirt is fab! Red & black stripes = awesome! I’ve never cosplayed before, so I guess I never really thought about what happens to the costumes when they aren’t in use!

    • Thank you so much. This skirt was an op-shop find. I’d never been a fan of the “mullet skirt” trend, but when I saw this striped version I couldn’t pass it up.

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