Things I Love Thursday 20/11/2014

Holy moly!  This week has been crazy busy for me.  I’ve had a weekend visit with one of my college besties and loads of time with my little cousins who are visiting from Perth.  I’ve been feeling the love for sure, and I’ve got a huge list of things I love this Thursday.

This week I love:

– Watching Frozen with my cousins Will and Abbey.  Also the fact that both of my little cousins are into wearing blue toenail polish and blowing bubbles in the backyard.  They are rad kids.

– Blue cheese.  It stinks and I don’t care, because it’s darn tasty.

– Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  My mate Tom bought a copy of this with him when he came to stay with  me last weekend.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see this film.  It’s a total gem.  The story is thought-provoking, the soundtrack is jammin’ and it manages to be hilariously funny and heart-jerkingly poignant all at once.  Here’s the trailer if to convince you further:


– Singing loudly to the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack.  In particular I love the tracks “Tear me Down”, “Wig in a Box”, “The Origin of Love” and “Angry Inch”.  And I also adore this particular version of “Sugar Daddy”, performed by Neil Patrick Harris.


– Breaking out shorts for the first time this year.  The weather is already heating up.


– Patting gorgeous Golden Retrievers at the bakery.


– Phone calls from friends just to check on me.


– Earl Grey tea


– Champagne in the afternoon.


– Sleeping with the windows open.


– Borrowing magazines from the library.  I love magazines but I can’t justify buying several each month.  So now I’ve been getting them from the library for free and it’s awesome.  They have so many titles so I’ve been able to try lots of new magazines that I’d never even heard of before.


– Cuddling with Jelly and Ringo each morning before I get out of bed.


– Cute boys with dazzling smiles.


– Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner.


– Spring cleaning my bedroom, washing the walls and turning the mattress.


– The smell of jasmine flowers on hot nights.


What do you love this week sweet-pea?  Jump in and leave a comment telling me all about the things that bring you joy.

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