Things I Love Thursday 30/10/2014

This is one of those weeks when I really need to take stock and just focus on the good things in life.  I’ve been crashing hard these past few days, and it’s been very difficult to see any light shining through in the darkness that seems to surround me.  If you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders too, I invite you to take the time out to make a little list of the good things.  It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be elegantly worded.  You just have to mean it.

This week I love:


-Mr Ringo.  Today is his fifth birthday, and I just love him to bits.  I love his first-thing-in-the-morning headbutts and the way he will kiss my toes while I’m sitting on the couch.  I love the way he prances through the house with his tail held high and I love his silky soft fur.  He’s such a special little creature.

– Zucchini slice

– Soaking in the sunshine.

– Watching friends take a leap and soar.  Two of my mates have taken big risks this past week and have been rewarded for it, and I’m so proud of them for taking the plunge.

– Being gifted a copy of The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films of all time, but I’ve never read the book.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this.



– Catching up with friends for Halloween.


– Chocolate eyeballs


– Finding this Ultimate Life Planning System on Pinterest.  I just love to be organized, and I’m drawn to any kind of tool, app or printable that helps you to do that.  These ones are awesome and totally free.


– Starting a new journal.


– Red lipstick on an otherwise bare face.


– Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the release of one of my all-time favourite albums: Dream Theatre’s Scenes From a Memory.


What’s shining a light in your life this week?  I would love to hear all about the things you love, so please leave a comment.  🙂


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday Ringo!!
    I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps and ‘home sick’. I’m sending you lots of hugs! I can’t wait until we can catch up!
    Things I’m loving this week. Having Tonka here and him settling in wonderfully! Seeing Michael and Tonka snuggle, honestly, Michael seems to just ALWAYS be patting him. Michael cooking for me. The fact this house stays nice and cool on hot days (it will be a freezer in winter though).

    • I’m so glad that Tonka has settled in so well. It’s always stressful when you move animals to a new place, and such a relief when they start to make themselves at home.

      And yes! We need to do a catch up soon!

  2. I really hope you feel better soon nessbow. I’ve been feeling crippled by anxiety myself. But I love looking forward to things and planning projects. Yesterday I planned what clothes I’m going to bring on a trip away and I felt much better once I’d planned something out. I even drew arrows all over the list to see what clothes match and how many outfits I could make out of the few clothes. It just helps to take control of something, when you’re feeling out of control.

    • Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You’re totally right, sometimes just doing something to give you a bit of control is enough to give you a foothold when you’re in danger of drifting into a sea of anxiety. I’ve taken your advice today and taken a few steps towards sorting out some things, and I do feel better for it. 🙂

  3. Ness, I hear you, and am sending 1,2727272727 hugs your way. This week has s-u-c-k-e-d, and it seems to have for so many people that I know, too. Is it a Full Moon?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!

    This week, I love:

    x Homemade pizza. My Dad has taught me many valuable life lessons, and how to whip up a delicious homemade pizza is definitely one of the best of them! I was in such a cranky mood last night, I told myself “if this pizza doesn’t help, NOTHING will”… it did!
    x A new jacket arriving (I’ve learned that something with a hood is essential in Auckland because it seems to rain every day), and even though it’s a *completely* different colour from the one on the website (which did nothing to improve my general grumble initially!), it’s cute, and it fits.
    x Spending the weekend with my sister, her partner and our babies. Few things are perfect in life, but this absolutely was. We ate amazing fish and chips, drank vodkas in the sunshine, and then, because we were having so much fun… turned it into a sleepover and ordered pizza, played games and gobbled pancakes and strawberries for breakfast the next morning. My stomach hurt from laughing, I was happy and I realised that I was finally my old self again!
    x Finding a fantastic dentist after encountering one that was a royal rip-off.

    • This is such an awesome list. It’s fabulous that you and your sister are able to catch up and that little Charlie gets to spend some time with her cousin. In my family, my brother and I are significantly younger than our cousins, and I was always a bit jealous of the way that my older cousins were all really close to each other and hung out together. It’s great that Charlie and her cousin are so close together in age, and hopefully they’ll grow to be friends as they get older.

      I think I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and make a homemade pizza this weekend. I’ve had no appetite the last couple of days, but just typing the words “homemade pizza” has made my tummy grumble!

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