Daily outfit 29/10/2014: A touch of 20’s style.

My parents recently presented me with two lovely new black dresses.  One was a very modern cut, while the other was a drop-waist dress.  The drop-waist style reminded me of the 1920’s and the flapper styles that were popular at this time.  I decided to just run with the 1920’s vibe as a created an outfit around this dress.

The dress is made from a really interesting fabric.  It’s got a triangular pattern with a raised texture.  Some parts of the pattern are smooth whereas others are rough like corduroy.    It is a really great fit too, which surprised me.  I often struggle with drop-waist dresses because my hips are much wider than my waist.  But this dress fits perfectly.

I went for a more modern version of a 1920’s makeup look.  I used shades of grey to shadow my eyes, but I kept away from the heavy, sooty-eyed looks that were prominent in the 20’s.  I used Lipstick Queen matte lipstick in Rouge Sinner to fill in my lips.  I also filled in my brows to pay homage to the over-arched brow looks from the 20’s.

I looped my hair into a loose back-roll.  This style looked like a bob haircut when I put my hat on over the top.

I am wearing:

– Black drop-waist dress from Target

– Burgundy tie-front shoes (thrifted)

– Black cloche hat from Jendi

– Pearl necklace ( thrifted)

– Art deco ring (gift from my father)

Can I just take a moment to talk about Target’s clothing of late?  For years I stopped shopping at Target because I rarely found anything that I liked there.  But recently Target have kicked things up a notch.  Their clothing seems to be much better quality, and the styles are really on-point.  Each time I’ve gone into a Target store lately, I’ve struggled not to walk out with a bag filled with clothes.  Their prices have gone up a tiny bit, but I am happy to pay a bit more for garments that are well cut, stylish and will last for more than a couple of wears.


I just adore the fashion from the 1920’s and I had loads of fun gadding about town in this 20’s inspired get-up.


    • Thank you so much. I got slightly obsessed with flapper style when I was putting together a 1920’s costume a few years ago and so many aspects of that style have remained in my inspiration-bank. It was such a great time for style.

  1. That hat is splendid, and I totally agree with you, so are Target!

    I flung on a long cardigan today and remembered that it was one that I’d purchased at Target… 8 years ago. This piece has literally been worn THOUSANDS of times, I’ve taken it on every overseas adventure I’ve had and after all this time… I’m still wearing it! Their quality really is superb, and it’s one of the things I miss most about Australia since moving to New Zealand!

    • Thank you so much! I am such a sucker for 1920’s style, but I tried to tone it down a little so that it didn’t look like I was wearing a costume.

    • They are pretty awesome. The brand on these is Rivers, which is an Aussie chain store. I thrifted them about a year ago, and they were practically new when I bought them.

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