Things I Love Thursday 9/10/2014

Hey babes?  How’s your week going?  Mine has been a bit of a shit-storm.  I don’t want to go right into it, but I’ve broken it off with the guy I was seeing.  Awesome though he was, it became pretty clear that he and I both had very different ideas of what our relationship was and I needed to get out. I’m hurting, but there are still plenty of things that are making me smile this week.  For example:

– My awesome friends. I feel truly blessed with the  circle of friends I’ve built up over the years.  When the shit hit the fan this week, they rallied around me and offered sweet words, hugs, beautiful compliments and sage advice.  I am so, so very lucky to have such incredible people in my life.

– Caramel Cornettos.

– Getting into the Halloween spirit with some spooky movies.  So far this week I’ve watched Mars Attacks, The Lady in the Water, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Elvira’s Haunted Hills and Ghostbusters.

-Using makeup to turn myself into Grumpy Cat when I was having a particularly bad night.  Ironically, this really cheered me up.

– Doing my first ever yoga headstand!  I have been totally intimidated by the idea of headstands but also really wanted to give it a shot.  So this week I decided to just bite the bullet, try it out and see what happened.  I got down in front of the wall, prepped myself by getting on all fours and then creating a base with my forearms on the ground and my head cradled by my hands.  I straightened my legs and began walking them towards my head until my toes were barely touching the floor and then kicked off gently.  It was the weirdest sensation, but I got totally vertical without even touching the wall!  I didn’t stay up very long, but I’m so excited to have hit the headstand.  Now to work on holding it for longer.

– Getting an email from a mate who can’t make it to my Halloween party in person, who asked me to tell the rest of my guests that he would be there as the Invisible Man.  Clever.

– Laying on the grass by the lake with my book.

– Seeing a little blue wren hopping about my backyard.

– Lemon tart with raspberries.

– Taking in deep breaths and repeating, “you’ve got this,  you’re going to be OK” over and over.

– A good, hard cry.

– Watching my cats fight with each other.  They love tumbling about on the floor, playing together.

– Daylight savings.  I’m so pleased to have an extra hour of daylight.

What do you love this week?


  1. Your Grumpy Cat makeup is fabulous!!! I’m a huge Grumpy Cat fan – I jokingly like to refer to her as my spirit animal 😀 I just saw a GC Christmas stocking on eBay a few days ago and was sooo tempted, but it would be close to $40.00 with the conversion rate and I just can justify that when I have a beloved stocking already. Would it be weird to ask Santa to leave one stocking in your existing one? 😀

    Big hugs & many thanks for both of your lovely recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    • I love the idea of asking for a Christmas stocking for Christmas. I don’t think that’s silly at all. 🙂

      This makeup was actually surprisingly easy and I really didn’t use anything special. I’m thinking of making a video tutorial to show everyone how I did it.

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