The ultimate Spring-cleaning checklist.

Spring has sprung here in the southern hemisphere, and it’s the perfect time to do a little bit of Spring cleaning.  The world is coming out of the darkness of winter and the sun is peeping through and showing up all the dust and grime from a winter spent indoors.  Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings which makes it the ideal season to get down to some serious cleaning and de-cluttering.

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to cleaning.  I love having everything looking “just so”.  I actually love the idea of spending an afternoon clearing out cupboards or washing down the walls (how twisted am I, right?).  If you’re looking for a bit of Spring-cleaning inspiration, then you’re in luck, because I’ve put together my definitive list of Spring-cleaning chores to get you started.  You might like to use this list to help jog your memory when you’re deciding what needs to be done around your own home.  Or you may feel super-inspired to try to check off everything on the list.  Or you might decide to disregard the Spring cleaning and just watch a tonne of Arrested Development reruns.  Your choice.


Vanessa’s Spring Cleaning List:

– Wash all the windows

– Take down curtains and clean.

– Wash the walls with sugar soap.

– Scrub the bathtub and shower recess

– Put up a new shower curtain.

– Wash out rubbish bins with disinfectant

-Clean oven

– Run vinegar through your dishwasher and coffee machine.

– Empty the lint trap in your dryer,  and clean the filters on heaters and airconditioners.

– Clean out wardrobe

– Go through your makeup drawer and throw out anything you don’t use or which has expired.  You might like to read this post about the expiry date of makeup.

– Empty your fridge and pantry and give them a good wipe out.  Throw out any expired food.

– Dust bookshelves and DVD storage.

– Clean out your inbox.

– Delete any unused files on your computer.

– Wash doors, baseboards and switchplates.


-Air out your blankets.

– Sanitize cutting boards.

– Clear out linen closet.

– Sponge-clean cupboard doors.

– Sanitize your computer keyboard and mouse.

– Clean out your handbag

– Dust for cobwebs

– Hose off outdoor furniture

– Polish all your shoes

– Wash your makeup brushes with warm water and mild soap.

DSCF8328-Move your couch out of the way and vacuum underneath it.  Vacuum between the couch cushions.

– Sweep under your refrigerator

– Defrost freezer.

-Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

– Scrub stovetop with bicarbonate soda.

– Clear out your craft stash.  Give away any materials you won’t use, or do some destashing projects.

-Weed the garden.


-Flip your mattress.

– Replace any pillows that have become flat, lumpy or musty.

-Scrub drains with an old toothbrush


And once you’re all done, brew a pot of tea, flop down on the couch and relax with a movie.  Aaaaah!

Have I missed anything?  Do you love or loathe Spring cleaning?


  1. I personally love a good clean out of everything. A big cull of anything that doesn’t fit ect. but lately only have the energy to get everything out and then I collapse in a heap with more mess than I started with.

    I wish wish wish I could clean my walls. This place is trashed and the walls are gross but realistically there is no way even between the two of us we would even get one wall done. Ryan is too busy looking after all the day to day stuff and I get exhausted cleaning a bowl 😦

    • Take it easy darling. Right now, you need to just look after yourself. Once you’re feeling better, you’ll be able to tackle all those jobs. But they’ll wait until you’re up to it.

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