Things I Love Thursday 11/9/2014

Happy Thursday!  I’m writing this post in my PJ’s, feeling pretty weary after a long week.  Although the week has been pretty taxing in a lot of respects, there have been some truly awesome parts too.  So grab a cup of tea and settle down to relive some of the happy-making moments from the last week.

This Thursday I love:

– Coming home to a beautiful care package from Miss Fairchild.  I teared up when I saw the package,  which was covered in red lipstick kisses.  Once I opened it though, the tears began flowing in earnest.  Underneath a pile of gorgeous makeup, a vintage pin-curling tool and a poster of some amazing vintage hairdos was a Nintendo Wii!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Miss Fairchild’s girls have graduated to a WiiU and I was the lucky recipient of their no-longer-used Wii.  She is such a generous friend and I was so incredibly touched by the gesture.

-Speaking of awesome gestures from friends, I got this book as a gift from my newly-married friends Kath and Evan.  They were honeymooning in Belgium when they saw this comic and knew I had to have it.

This comic is the inspiration for one of my favourite cartoon shows- Marsupalami.  I used to watch that show every Saturday morning when I was a kid, and I still get a giggle from it now.  I was so touched that my friends remembered how much I adored that show and bought me this comic.  The best part about the comic is that even though it’s Belgian, the creatures all speak a made-up language and the story is mostly visual, so it’s a great read for anyone.  I love it.

-Finding out that the Welsh word for “microwave” is “popty ping”.  Is that not the most perfect name for a microwave?

-Goats!  My family went to Gracebrook winery for Father’s Day and there was an entire paddock of goats just wandering around.  The owners encourage guests to interact with the animals.  So I patted a goat for the first time.  Their coats were much coarser than I imagined they would be, and their horns felt rough and ridged, like old-mans fingernails.  They were so friendly too!

-Speaking of Gracebrook, will you look at that view!  It’s so incredible that such gorgeous sights are just a short drive from my hometown.  We saw some truly beautiful scenery on the drive over.

– Enticing one of my oldest friends to read Harry Potter

– My Mum’s chorizo and prawn pasta.  Delish!

– The Walking Dead.  I’ve just started it but so far I’m really enjoying the story.

– Huge thunderstorms.

– Getting surprise middle-of-the-day visits from the boy while I’m at work.

– Snuggling under a big blanket.

– Going to bed early.  I don’t care if it’s boring, it makes me happy.

What do you love this week, honey-buns?  Feel free to leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.


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