Things I Love Thursday 4/9/2014

Hey there sweet thing?  Are you as freaked out as I am at how fast this year is zooming by?  You are?  Then I think it’s time to jot down a list of things that are keeping a smile on your pretty face this week as a means of calming yourself down.

This week, I love:

– Celebrating one year in my flat.  In many ways this place feels more like home than the house I lived in with my ex.  I’ve worked hard to make this space my own and I’m so happy with how this past year has turned out.  I love my little flat.

– The end of winter.  I’m so ready to strip off some layers and feel the sun on my skin again.  I’m over cold toes, boots, heavy layers and the freezing walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Bring on the Spring!

– The new chicken pad thai that’s just been added to the menu at my favourite noodle place.  I’ve eaten it three times this week.  I wish I were kidding.

-The new Doctor.  It’s about time we had an old Dr Who again.  Peter Capaldi has the perfect mixture of manic energy and gravitas and he makes a truly excellent Doctor.

– New mugs!  I ordered a couple of fun mugs for myself and waited anxiously for them to arrive.  Three months went by and I had given them up as lost.  Then last week I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep, and it was these beauties.

These are from Kookie Bazaar on Etsy and they were a great price.  The mugs are nice and chunky, which I like because you get more coffee if you make it in a big mug!  The prints are really clear and they were really well packaged.  There are so many mugs in this store that I would happily snap up.  Like this one, or this one.

– Driving on dirt roads and surviving!

– Getting a great outcome for one of my tenants at work.  We have a new tenant moving into one of the rental properties I manage, and she’s got a new kitten.  The property was marked “no pets” and she’d told me that she had made arrangements to give the cat away so that she could move into the flat.  I was heartbroken for her, and after some chats with the landlord managed to get him to agree to let the kitten stay.  I’m so pleased.

– The tattoo my fella gave me while we were hanging out the other night.  Yeah, thanks for that….

-And this Totoro brooch he bought me last weekend.  He’s been hanging out on the lapel of my favourite coat this week.

– Cheddar crackers that are shaped like penguins. I found them at Aldi, and now I want all my food to be penguin shaped.

– Making through an hour-long power yoga session without needing to stop for a break. I feel proud of myself.

– Beating my Dad and brother at cards.

What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, just jump right in and leave your list in the comments!


  1. Yay for all these things! I WISH you were at the Real Estate near where we are looking. Some are just, *sigh* I am actually finding the receptionists 100% better the agents! Trying to find a rental place when you live in a different state, and have a cat, is HARD!
    That’s a mighty interesting tattoo you have 😛 Hope you’re doing well! I miss you! (Is that weird to say, sorry if it is 😛 )

    • I don’t think it’s weird at all, because I miss you too!
      I can’t imagine how hard it must be to search for a place when you live interstate. It sucks that the real estate agents are being so difficult, particularly when it comes to pets. It can be hard sometimes to convince them that your cat is well behaved and quiet. One thing you could try is volunteering to have the place treated for fleas and mites at the end of your tenancy. I find that if I mention this to most of our landlords they are much more receptive to pets.

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