Daily outfit 25/8/2014

I’ve started op-shopping in my lunch breaks.  I get a long lunch break, and by the time I’ve scoffed my home-made lunch there’s usually a while to go before it’s time to head back to the office.  So I’ve been sneaking in a cheeky op-shopping trip in the middle of each week.  So far they’ve been very profitable.

About two weeks back I spotted this sweet 70’s vintage frock in my local Salvos.  I have another dress that’s a similar cut with the same sheer sleeves in a floral print.  I wear that dress all the time, so when I spotted it’s slimmer-cut cousin in a painterly print I couldn’t resist it.

Last Monday was a struggle to get dressed.  I’d been sick with a cold all weekend and the last thing I wanted to do was head into work.  So I pulled this beautiful dress out of the cupboard and shimmied into it.  The bright pops of colour helped to perk me up, and the cut is so comfortable it was almost like wearing my PJs to work!

I am wearing:

– Vintage 70’s dress (thrifted)

– Leona Edminson fishnet tights

– Nine West patent leather heels

– Silver hoop earrings

– Vintage bird belt (which belonged to my dear friend’s grandmother)

– Beaded flower ring (gift from my mother)

This flippy, floaty dress was just the thing to keep my spirits up (even though my nose was still blocked and I had practically no voice)

I’m looking forward to rocking this baby with bare legs and chunky wedges when the weather starts to heat up.  And I think she’d look divine paired with some huge bangles and sandals too.  What a brilliant find to come across during my lunch break!

Do you do any thrift-shopping in your lunch break?  Have you found any bargains lately?


  1. You look absolutely stunning as always. I can’t wait to get back into op shopping. There are actually two about 6 blocks from the new house and one is attached to a little church (where the best bargains are often found) but really I want to visit and go op shopping with you! I feel like you have special op shopping luck that rubs off onto those with you.

    • Awww, I don’t know about special op-shop luck. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that country op-shops seem to have a lot more to offer than their city counterparts. I’ve found so many more treasures in the country than the city.

      I’m so excited for another op-shopping trip with you. We’re gonna tear it up!

  2. That dress is AMAZING, seriously! What a score! I love that you can sneak in an op-shop visit during your lunch break, seems like a perfect mid day pick me up!

    • Aw, thanks so much. When I bought it back to work my boss scrunched up his face and was like “Really? You’re going to wear that?” But the day I took these photos he nodded and said, “Yep, you really did make that work!”

      I love Op-shopping during my lunch break. It’s hard not to get carried away and take an ultra-long lunch though.

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