Daily outfit: My first seamed stockings.

Today’s outfit features my very first pair of seamed stockings.  It seems weird to me that I’m so into vintage and retro styles and yet I’ve never owned a pair of seamed stockings until now.


I noticed these babies a few weeks ago when I was shopping in Melbourne.  One of the outlet stores had a massive display of Voodoo hosiery that was very heavily discounted.  I picked up a few pairs of textured tights and then these gorgeous seamed stockings caught my eye.


At first I was drawn to the fact that the seams were red.  Although I like black and brown seams, I do wear a lot of red and I thought that it would add a cheeky touch to some of my vintage ensembles.


Then I noticed this charming little detail….



A little “V” for Vanessa!  How could I possibly resist the opportunity to own a pair of monogrammed tights?



I mixed and matched eras for work the other day, with a 50’s inspired pencil skirt and some loose 40’s victory rolls.


I am wearing:

– Cherry red sweater from Cotton On

– Navy and red polka-dot pencil skirt (thrifted)

– Voodoo Vixen seamed stockings

– Black patent heels from Nine West

– Swarovski crystal earrings (gift from my Nana)

– Signet ring

– “Love” cat-eye glasses from Clearly Contacts.


I felt pretty darn foxy in this getup.  Foxy enough to give a little twirl for the camera!


I’ve been wearing more and more vintage-inspired outfits to work lately.  My boss seems pretty happy for me to dress however I want as long as I look professional, and it’s awesome to be able to express myself through my clothes at work.

I was so smitten with these stockings.  I had to keep checking to make sure that my seams were straight, but it was well worth it.


  1. No waaaaaay 😛 oh my.. those are so classic. LOVE it! I bet you’ll wear them to pieces. Bet they would make a black dress stand out too. Business in the front, party in the back!

    • Ooooh, I love the idea of wearing them with a black dress. I have a little black cocktail number that would be perfect. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Those are, hands down, my favourite seamed stockings I’ve seen in absolutely ages! The “V” instantly makes me think of the V for Victory that was prevalent in accessories during the early war torn 1940s. What an awesome find and pair on which to cut your teeth, so to speak, when it comes to seamed stockings.

    ♥ Jessica

    • This line of stockings is actually called “Victory”, so it’s likely that is what the “V” actually stands for. But I still like to pretend that the “V” is for Vanessa. 🙂

  3. Your butt looks fantastic in that skirt!
    Love the stockings-they do seem meant to be for you! I used to wear stockings way back when, but I can’t be bothered fiddling with them these days!
    I reckon it’s much easier to look classy and professional in vintage! Rock it, girl! XXX

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