How to wear tricky items: grey linen vest

I got an email from one of my friends with a fashion dilemma. Her boss has gifted her a grey linen vest, and she isn’t too sure how to style it. Naturally, I have a few ideas.

I bought a vest to add to my work wardrobe and it’s become one of my favourite things to wear. It’s a really simple way to add a bit of contrast to your outfits or to make casual items look a little bit snazzier.

One of the most obvious ways to wear your vest is with trousers and a blouse. I personally love this look because there are a million ways to reinvent it. You can keep it really simple and classic with a crisp white shirt, or go crazy with coloured or printed blouses. It’s fun to add a blouse in a rich fabric like silk, which will contrast beautifully with the rough texture of the linen. You can embrace the Annie Hill vibe and add a tie and oxfords for a masculine look. Or you can add a feminine edge with towering heels and sparkling jewellery. The options are endless.

A vest can also funk up a dress for work. I think a vest looks especially gorgeous when worn over a printed dress and opaque tights. Popping your vest on over a slightly baggy dress will pull it in and instantly make it look more tailored. A long necklace looks gorgeous when worn with a vest-and-dress ensemble.

A vest is ideal for making casual items look more polished. I love to pop a vest on over a billowy top to pull it in around the waist and create a gorgeous silhouette. Choose a printed top with similar tones to your vest for a stylish look. If you’re wearing a lot of volume on top, it’s best to anchor the look with a pencil skirt or some slim-fitting trousers. A pair of cute flats in a similar shade to your vest will finish off the look.

Of course, you can incorporate your vest into some more casual outfits for the weekend. I love throwing a vest on over a funky tee shirt and some well-worn jeans. Throw on a cute hat and some sneakers for a laid-back take on androgyny.

Do you have a tricky item that you’d like some help styling? Feel free to drop me a line and I’d be happy to give you a hand.

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